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I've been together with sarevilo for over three years now. Historically, I tend to get bored quickly, with most relationships ending before the one-year mark.

I've put together a slideshow of my favorite photos of Katie from this time.

July 27th, 2005. Right after we met. From a trip to Chuckanut Drive. I also like the one of Katie's eyes.

August 8th, 2005. At one of my instructors' house. I also like the one of me from that set.

August 9th, 2005. From a photoshoot of Katie down at the Georgetown railroad tracks, near where goldfischegirl used to live. At the time I wasn't happy with this set, but on hindsight some of these are a lot of fun.

August 22nd, 2005. The New Years, 1936 party (one of my favorite party sets). This is the party that Katie and I got married at (thank you, fritz_da_kat). The photo isn't all that great, but it's the only one we have.

September 13th, 2005. At Lamanai, from our trip to Belize. There are a lot of good photos from that set. Like when some guy proposed to her. Or another painted up her face. This was also when she was really sick - while traveling! I was so worried.

February 11th, 2006. Impromptu photo shoot in the living room of my Bothell house. There are several good ones of Katie in there.

October 14th, 2006. My thirtieth birthday party, "Daddy's Little Girl".

October 29th, 2006. Dia de los muertos, at goldfischegirl's mom's church (another good party set).

August 9th, 2006. Chichicastenango, Guatemala (my favorite travel set). There are tons of great shots of Katie in this set, including our friendly house guest, explaining photography to the children in the Ixil Triangle, canoeing up the Rio Dolce, going Indiana Jones at Aguatecain Sayaxche, spelunking at Bombil Pek and, of course, getting soaked at the amazing Semuc Champey. That was such an amazing trip!

November 5th, 2006. North Cascade Highway. Beautiful drive. We have tentative plans with suxdonut to drive up there when the leaves turn; I can't wait!

August 3rd, 2008. Nordlingen, Germany. From our recent trip to Europe. Not too many photos of Katie since I spent most of the time traveling around on my own (while she was at her mathematics conference), but there are a couple - such as one of her in a train station or atop of Michelangelo’s Dome at Saint Peter's Basilica.

Other memorable moments I didn't post include Katie holding a baby alligator!, drunk with a piñata at ashlin519's Birthday Fiesta, building her first computer, getting her cards read in Jackson Square, and, of course, a boobage shot from some house party (and another!).

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