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19.10.08 Sunday
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{int i; i=16; i++}

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popcultureicon [20.10.08::08:52]
Color me flattered!
The next phase in photo domination is introducing myself to people I don't know so I can feel okay posting their photos online.

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tyrven [20.10.08::04:33]
That never bothers me for some reason. I vote that you post those photos!
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popcultureicon [20.10.08::08:07]
Oh, I did for this batch.
It's just embarrassing when I know a girls name and not her boyfriends, for tagging purposes.
and by embarrassing, I mean awesome.
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tyrven [20.10.08::08:10]
Hahah - yeah, I feel that way too. Or when you have tons of photos of the attractive people, and none of the ugly ones. I mean, duh - but whatever.