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19.10.08 Sunday
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{int i; i=70; i++}

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herbaliser [20.10.08::02:51]
It's called a SECRET BALLOT jesus
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tyrven [20.10.08::02:54]
Sorry, this is the first time I've done this. I may have misunderstood the instructions? I thought I was supposed to fill out the form, take a photo of it and then post it to my journal. Did I miss a step?
herbaliser [20.10.08::02:54]
tyrven [20.10.08::03:12]
patrick [20.10.08::04:33]
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gfrancie [20.10.08::02:55]
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tyrven [20.10.08::03:39]
Voting is serious business.
gfrancie [20.10.08::03:42]
tyrven [20.10.08::03:47]
gfrancie [20.10.08::03:49]
mysocalledmind [20.10.08::03:19]
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tyrven [20.10.08::03:39]
I agree. For a few minutes, I was thinking maybe I should vote for Nader instead, but you're totally right. I'll stick with McCain.
mysocalledmind [20.10.08::07:08]
tyrven [21.10.08::06:57]
phoenixablaze [20.10.08::03:46]
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dearnana [20.10.08::03:47]
your such a maverick
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If you think, you're dead. - tyrven [20.10.08::07:33]
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tiff_seattle [20.10.08::03:57]
oh shit you must be joking
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tyrven [20.10.08::06:07]
I just don't think the forefathers intended for a negro to be president.
mysocalledmind [20.10.08::06:59]
tyrven [20.10.08::07:37]
quent [21.10.08::02:49]
tyrven [21.10.08::04:30]
quent [21.10.08::08:45]
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lol - uncelestial [20.10.08::04:05]
Does nobody else have tyrven and patrick on the same page on their friend's list?
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Re: lol - patrick [20.10.08::04:34]
Apparently way more people watch this journal.
Re: lol - ashlin519 [20.10.08::04:55]
Re: lol - uncelestial [20.10.08::05:56]
Re: lol - tyrven [20.10.08::06:31]
Re: lol - das_prompt [20.10.08::05:46]
uncelestial [20.10.08::05:56]
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suxdonut [20.10.08::04:06]
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tyrven [20.10.08::06:09]
Tina Fey will still have a career.
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colvincd [20.10.08::04:25]
Should they win I'll give out the address of your new house to the angry liberal mob so they can torch your house and string you up by your guts while you're still conscious, because believe me there will be one within spitting distance of your house.
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colvincd [20.10.08::04:42]
Actually, since I can't be sure that you did that for real, I won't. But considering how many "friends" you have on this blog, you'd better take down all those posts with your address on it, lest one of them in in said mob.
herbaliser [20.10.08::05:21]
tyrven [20.10.08::06:19]
tyrven [20.10.08::06:18]
colvincd [20.10.08::01:54]
tyrven [21.10.08::07:05]
tyrven [20.10.08::06:10]
chris [20.10.08::06:20]
tyrven [20.10.08::06:33]
mysocalledmind [20.10.08::07:24]
tyrven [20.10.08::07:45]
mysocalledmind [20.10.08::07:49]
herbaliser [20.10.08::04:55]
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patrick [20.10.08::04:39]
Nice photoshopping! But I know that you really are voting Obama. It's the reverse bradley effect!
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The Reverse Bradley Effect, during which - uncelestial [20.10.08::06:01]
white people vote for Obama so they won't feel guilty saying "nigger."
Re: The Reverse Bradley Effect, during which - caseyplusplus [20.10.08::06:26]
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ashlin519 [20.10.08::04:54]
I cannot believe you didn't vote for Nader!
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tyrven [20.10.08::06:20]
I was going to, but someone told me that a vote for Nader was a vote wasted. So I changed my vote.
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push_the_limits [20.10.08::05:14]
You must make over $250,000 a year.

I make $20,000 a year, I have 2 kids, and I'm a full time student. I'm voting for Obama because I can't afford for the gap between me and the rich to get any bigger.
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tyrven [20.10.08::06:26]
Honestly, the economic plans confuse me. Too many numbers. I just like that John McCain is willing to make silly faces on national television. It shows he's human. I like having human presidents.
uncelestial [20.10.08::06:41]
tyrven [20.10.08::06:56]
uncelestial [20.10.08::07:11]
Was that a hanging chad joke? - tyrven [20.10.08::07:39]
uncelestial [20.10.08::07:51]
tyrven [21.10.08::06:54]
mysocalledmind [20.10.08::07:58]
Re: Was that a hanging chad joke? - tyrven [20.10.08::08:06]
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rrhexis [20.10.08::03:16]
I don't think that's funny.
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tyrven [20.10.08::04:35]
It's not meant to be funny. All of my friends were peer-pressuring me into voting, so I did. This is my proof.
rrhexis [20.10.08::05:56]
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katethoughts [20.10.08::03:42]
clearly you're attempting to reduce the number of friends on your LJ by attempting to be offensive.

I'm not buying it.

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tyrven [20.10.08::04:36]
Why is voting offensive?
katethoughts [20.10.08::05:32]
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seennotheard [20.10.08::05:21]

I am definitely stealing this from you & apparently patrick

But if this is serious, I'm still laughing at you. Then crying later.
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tyrven [20.10.08::11:52]
Steal away! I encourage everyone to vote (the same as me).