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Castrated Men and Uptight Women.

20.10.08 Monday
01:27 pm - Castrated Men and Uptight Women. Previous Entry Share Next Entry

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suxdonut [20.10.08::08:46]
"These are the scumbags who think pretending to be a girl’s friend gives them some sort of priority ranking in her dating life – and then get mopey when she dates a “bad boy” (who is really just someone who is confident, assertive and willing to make the first move)."

ugh, yes. as the 'you are a girl but i just feel so COMFORTABLE with you' girl, i have had my ear bent SO often by the 'nice guy' who is really just the 'chickenshit guy.' not to mention hot guys who get lots of chicks tend to be jerky cuz they can be. i bet if the nice guys had 20 women fighting over their dick they'd dry their tears and get un-sensitive pretty quick.
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tyrven [20.10.08::10:08]
Seriously. I respect more than anything people who don't tolerate fools - and the less dependent you are on any individual the less like you are to put up with people's bullshit. That confidence and independence is attractive (both sexually and otherwise). It's a self-reinforcing cycle.