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Castrated Men and Uptight Women.

20.10.08 Monday
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jessiesquash [20.10.08::09:13]
As a response to his statement that you're only pig if she's not into you, and this is why I love online dating, that is definitely my experience. Two of my friends are also on okcupid and we are very similar in a lot of ways so we tend to get matched up and approached by the same guys. It's a little weird but pretty handy because we can compare notes. I asked them about a guy I've been talking to recently who's initial approach to me was very direct and sexual in nature. At the same time I didn't feel disrespected by him. One of the friends spoke to him and was immediately turned off by him but I was interested and continued talking to him and will probably meet him eventually. So is he a pig? Well to my friend he was but clearly not to me. On the other hand I was turned immediately off by a guy who casually asked me how my "dirty story" was going after I told him that I was entering an erotic story contest. It definitely has a lot to do with attraction.

I also really like Ashley's comment because it does seem to be the case that men think they need to protect women from their own savage sexual appetites. How much of that is social conditioning and how much of that is purely self-preservation on the dating scene I don't know. Rejection isn't easy. I just wish everyone was more honest. If you just want to fuck...say so!
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tyrven [20.10.08::10:23]
The "if she isn’t into you, she might" line resonated with me as well. It reminds me of The Game. You only need to play the game if someone isn't into you; if they are, you can dismiss all of the rules (as I did when I met Katie, as you probably remember). And, by that token, if you're looking for an honest, mutual connection with someone you might as well just wear your heart on your sleeve (or your genitals, depending on your objectives) as the only additional people who the game nets you are the people you aren't interested in.

I agree regarding the protection nonsense. It's the delicate flower argument. It assumes a level of helplessness; it's very disempowering.