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Castrated Men and Uptight Women.

20.10.08 Monday
01:27 pm - Castrated Men and Uptight Women. Previous Entry Share Next Entry

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tyrven [20.10.08::10:39]
Totally. This is what I was referring to with "they are so invested in their ideology that it becomes a matter of pride: they see themselves as a rare and noble breed that has been abandoned by a misguided and irresponsible world." The hallmark of an ideology is viewing the world as it "ought" to work instead of how it actually works; the nice guy is so convinced that being respectful is equivelenent to being spineless that he can't possibly accept fault for his loneliness or responsibility for other people's irritation. If a girl rejects him for a "bad boy" it's because she isn't willing to grow up and settle down with someone who will treat her "right", or because she's too caught up in fulfilling some image that she can't see what's right in front of her.
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popcultureicon [20.10.08::10:42]
That phase is really just as destructive as the "college feminist" phase that most women end up suffering.
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tyrven [20.10.08::11:06]
Agreed. In fact, I'd argue that they're the same thing; they're gender-specific interpretations of adolescent stumbling blocks. As we come of age we bumble about, feel our way around - and in the process we bruise others and get bruised. I think these phases are counter-reactions to that, ironically, which only act to reinforce the problem. But, after we get over that, we're able to look at things in a more moderate perspective; we become thicker skinned, mellow out and find healthier ways of interacting with one-another.