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Castrated Men and Uptight Women.

20.10.08 Monday
01:27 pm - Castrated Men and Uptight Women. Previous Entry Share Next Entry

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tyrven [21.10.08::06:40]
I definitely think these traits can be applied to either gender, but that they play out different in each case.

I've had a few female friends who insist that they only get into relationships (or have sex, for that matter) because men agressively pursue them; that they, essentially, get tired of saying "no". I always found this apalling, but in the view of the female as the gatekeeper it seems like the logical end to the "nice girl" as the equivelent of spinelessness.

In my experience, the "nice girl", like her male counterpart, is non-confrontational and, thefore, in a relationship tends to bottle up her problems until they explode. As a result, relationships with "nice girls" often end abruptly and quite possibly over small misunderstandings that have been collecting interest over time.

When it comes to dating vs. relationships I definitely think there are parallels between the bad girl and bad boy. I think both are considered more attractive in the short-term. Which I think stems from the fact that both are seen as objects of sexuality and, arguably, irresponsible fun.
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herbaliser [21.10.08::04:51]
hahaha, i totally broke up with this one guy b/c HE DID NOT PICK ME UP FROM THE AIRPORT
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tyrven [21.10.08::04:59]
Jesus. Like he said he would and forgot and left you there alone and cold and waiting? Or because he was busy/tired/whatever and told you to grab a cab?

I'm fucked. I've only picked Katie up from their airport like twice.
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herbaliser [21.10.08::05:02]
the former, but my point was that it was the last thing over an escalation of inconsiderate behavior. oh, the best part was that, the previous week, he'd gotten into a car accident coming back from skiing and called me up to come pick him up from the tow truck place way the fuck out by North Bend.
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tyrven [21.10.08::05:10]
Totally. Funny aside, I had an employee who would always brag about how he dumped a girl because she didn't put the spoons away in the proper place. We always laughed at him because a) he seemed oblivious to the fact that this was likely just the straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back, but also because b) even if it had been that, it's a sort of gay-ass reason to break up with a chick (nonetheless brag about).