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Castrated Men and Uptight Women.

20.10.08 Monday
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rrhexis [21.10.08::10:08]
Anyone who has that much self control is not spineless (like any investor on the floor who didn't sell sell sell last week). He might not be "nice" either and I wouldn't call him passive. It does come back to his underlying motive which seems to me to be not only getting what he wants. As I see it, he's trying to please and predict another person's actions/responses (and he's taken the time to get to know them well enough to think he's figured out both) without disclosing how he feels or what he's really after/what he wants. That's calculating. Anyone who calculates that much before acting is very difficult to handle.
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tyrven [21.10.08::04:25]
The people I'm talking about are very much spineless, without question. They may also be calculating, but if they are they're not successful at it. And if they really understood people they'd realize that a more direct approach would be more successful. I'm not just making up some archtype here; I'm relaying the experiences of myself and dozens of men I've talked to (many who have shared their own experiences with this in other comments).

There are people who are very self-disciplined and calculating, who control their feelings and slowly create experiences that try to control the outcome they desire. That's not the type of personality we're talking about here.