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22.10.08 Wednesday
01:57 pm - Political Quiz. Previous Entry Share Next Entry
Let's talk about the real issues.

Honestly, which is more important to you?

That people vote.
That people vote for my candidate.

If you're unsure/uninformed on a particular topic, you will most likely:

Abstain from the vote.
Vote along party lines.
Vote for the incubent.
Make a quick assessment based on information in the voter pamphlet.
Choose randomly.

All of these play a role, but an individual’s values, beliefs, and behaviors are driven primarily by:

Free will.
Social conditioning.

As such, you believe the government should manage people primarily through:

Education, conditioning (proactive).
Punishment, consequences (deterrent).
Rehabilitation (reactive).

In general, you believe that people are:

Intelligent, Responsible (and should be treated this way).
Ignorant, Cattle-like (and should be treated this way).

These two things are not always inter-compatible. When it comes down to it, which is more important to you?


Which do you favor more?

Supporting your interests but sacrificying democracy (e.g.,: a benign dictatorship).
Supporting democracy but sacrificying your interests (e.g., tyranny of the masses).

Are there any issues that you believe should be pushed through, regardless of the “popular vote”?

Gay marriage (for or against).
Abortion (for or against).
Right to bear arms (for or against)
Deployment of troops (for or against)

If so, with regard to the above, who/what do you believe defines these “inalienable” rights?

Religion (God, Church, Bible).
The Constitution.
Politicians (President, Congress, and/or Judges).
No one - they're common sense.
No one - values are relative (e.g., there is no such thing as "inalienable rights").

A wider tax scope means a leveler playing field while sacrificing representation; e.g., tax payers may be paying for services (schools, roads, etc) in areas they don’t live. At what level do you feel the majority of taxes be assessed?

National (status quo).
Individual (opt in services).

A wider scope of legislation means consistent baseline values in favor of geographically diverse values; e.g., if gay marriage is permitted or denied in one place, then it’s permitted or denied in all places. At what level do you feel the majority of legislation apply?

National (status quo)
Individual (extreme libertarian)

“New Home, New Life” was a BBC show broadcast into Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. It’s popularity prevented the Taliban from being able to ban radio (as they had with TV, music, theatre and dance). It wrapped up health and social issues in an entertaining format and had a huge impact on morale, cultural values and health conditions. Similar things might be said about the NEA. At what level(s) do you believe these types of programs should be supported:

Academic (Public).
Academic (Private).
Non-Profits (Charities, Churches).
None; this is an inappropriate use of media.

While “New Home, New Life” was considered to have a positive impact on the Afghan people, the underhanded approach combined with its subjective nature (cultural values) could be used for less positive purposes such as political propaganda, product marketing, religious evangelism, cultural conditioning, etc. Keeping this in mind, do you think this is an appropriate use of media?

Yes. Biases and self-interest cannot be avoided, but it’s up to the listener to decide how the information is used.
Yes. However, governments should require that the funders/sponsors be clearly identified.
Yes. However, governments should maintain the right to alter (censor) messages deemed negative or manipulative according to predefined standards.
No. The potential for abuse greatly outweighs the benefits of the system.

Keeping the above in mind, are there any organization that should be prevented from (directly) contributing to such programs, due to the potential for abuse?

Academic (Public).
Academic (Private).
Non-Profits (Charities, Churches).
All; this is an inappropriate use of media.

Which political label do you most identify with?

Liberal (Democratic, Socialist, Neo-Conservative, etc).
Conservative (Libertarian, Separatist, Anarchist, Confederate).

{int i; i=28; i++}

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lormagins [22.10.08::09:12]
I think you needed more answer options for some of these - there were too many generalizations that just did not fit and items that are clearly different that hadn't been accounted for. On a 0-10 scale I give your survey a LAME (3).

Also, why do you hate (the real) America?
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tyrven [22.10.08::09:20]
That's always a risk with multiple-option polls. In a lot of my past polls I would strongly agree with you, but in this case I am quite satisfied with the options available. The goal here is to isolate issues that are often grouped together or lost under "hot button" issues. You are welcome, of course, to provide comments further clarifying your answers if you feel that's necessary.
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herbaliser [22.10.08::09:26]
Man, don't get me started on Objectivists.
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meowlet [22.10.08::09:27]
[User Picture]
tyrven [22.10.08::09:31]
Haha oops.
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wolfwoman2003 [22.10.08::09:45]
Great poll. These were serious and some of them really made me stop to think. Good job! Thinking is something most of us need to do more often.
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tyrven [22.10.08::09:52]
I get frustrated when people polarize politics into buckets (liberal, conservative; democrat, republican) because it's not consistent or clear how those buckets relate to the fundamental operations of government.

For example, regardless of my views of Bush's policies, I think the most dangerous decisions he's made (which we'll be paying the price for decades to come) relate to the extensions of the executive branch, thus offsetting our political checks and balances.

Although, according to this poll, this doesn't concern as many people as I would have expected and so maybe it's appropriate that topics are discussed as a high-level?
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wolfwoman2003 [22.10.08::11:46]
I tend to agree with you on this...the checks and balances.

My personal politics don't really fit into any party, they are so far left.
I guess I have more of a socialist leaning, if anything.

When I do vote, I try to think of what will be good for America and the State of Washington, as a whole. This is definitly coloured by my ultra-liberal mind and heart, but I try to get the whole picture involved.

I have really thought about politics more in the past 15 years, or so, than I have ever done before. And it all makes me crazy. I have pretty much quit watching the news, because it makes me want to rip my hair out.


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Great leap Forward! - goldfischegirl [22.10.08::09:49]
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popcultureicon [22.10.08::10:04]
It's not that I feel there is "no such thing" as inalienable rights, it's just that they are relative, as most if not all things. The rights that we currently view as inalienable are not necessarily so because of an edict from God or man, but the basic lubricant needed to ensure our society operates smoothly while upholding the agreed upon social contract.

As for the Equality v Liberty question, Liberty is nothing without Equality.
Unlimited liberty for one entity means that the liberty of others is limited to the will of the first entity. Limiting my right to shit anywhere I want to a more rational "Anywhere on my property." means that you are spared my shit on your lawn. Sure, it's a reduction in my liberty, but an increase in yours.
It's a sliding scale, and liberty (as intelligent, responsible adults) just plain does not exist without equality.
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popcultureicon [22.10.08::10:12]
Also: When I find myself uninformed about a topic or candidate up for a vote, I prefer to inform myself. That includes the voter pamphlet, the for and against websites, the endorsements (weighing for the reputation of the endorsers), third party websites (like wikipedia and, and various peer reviews (for judges, etc.).

that being said, when it comes to municipal judges that actually have an opponent and no real information beyond which former governor endorses them, I usually end up voting for the one with the best name.
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tyrven [22.10.08::10:18]
I vote for the one with the best haircut.
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popcultureicon [22.10.08::10:39]
I also prefer the taller candidate.
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tyrven [22.10.08::10:56]
I prefer candidates who look a bit derranged. Like they might snap at any minute.
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silvergrrl [22.10.08::11:09]
That McCain/Palin vote makes more sense every time you post.
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tyrven [22.10.08::11:14]
Hahah totally. I'm pretty consistent :).
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hdog [22.10.08::10:24]
Gah! I didn't feel like I could choose the proper answer for many of these. Possibly because I didn't feel the options were adequate or more likely, I don't have a solid opinion either way.
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tyrven [22.10.08::10:26]
Yeah, I should have added a "No opinion" option. In general, I wanted to force a decision between difficult issues, but sometimes that muddles the results for people who are really on the line.
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push_the_limits [22.10.08::10:54]
"If you're unsure/uninformed on a particular topic, you will most likely:"

To be clear on this, if I were at the polls, I would vote along party lines. But here in Oregon we vote by mail, so in that case I'd do the research online.
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tyrven [22.10.08::10:55]
Woah, you ONLY vote by mail? That's awesome.
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push_the_limits [23.10.08::02:17]
Yep. We like it, too. :)

When I lived in Idaho, I almost didn't get to vote once because I worked an odd shift that didn't give me much time to get to my poll. The lines were so long, I wouldn't have made it if a nice old man didn't let me cut in front of him in line.
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seennotheard [23.10.08::02:37]
37 of the 39 counties in WA are only voting by mail, too. Only King & Pierce are doing in-person-polls.

I only just learned this upon moving to Whatcom County :)
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push_the_limits [23.10.08::05:28]
I was born in Whatcom county. Bellingham. :)
[User Picture]
seennotheard [23.10.08::05:54]
That's where I live, yep
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tyrven [23.10.08::03:46]
Who knew?!
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loversforlilly [22.10.08::11:27]
I must say, this was difficult... not being american was the hardest... therefore I missed the last question... after living in London for the last 2 years... my Australian interests have definitely been swayed. For me, its difficult to imagine a world without the usual freedoms that I an accustomed to... this was a definite eye opener.
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amandagayle [27.10.08::11:18]
There's a misplaced apostrophe in the question beginning "New Home, New Life."
[User Picture]
tyrven [27.10.08::04:54]
I noticed that. Unfortunately, after I posted the poll. (You can't modify poll questions once they've been posted).