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22.10.08 Wednesday
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tyrven [22.10.08::09:52]
I get frustrated when people polarize politics into buckets (liberal, conservative; democrat, republican) because it's not consistent or clear how those buckets relate to the fundamental operations of government.

For example, regardless of my views of Bush's policies, I think the most dangerous decisions he's made (which we'll be paying the price for decades to come) relate to the extensions of the executive branch, thus offsetting our political checks and balances.

Although, according to this poll, this doesn't concern as many people as I would have expected and so maybe it's appropriate that topics are discussed as a high-level?
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wolfwoman2003 [22.10.08::11:46]
I tend to agree with you on this...the checks and balances.

My personal politics don't really fit into any party, they are so far left.
I guess I have more of a socialist leaning, if anything.

When I do vote, I try to think of what will be good for America and the State of Washington, as a whole. This is definitly coloured by my ultra-liberal mind and heart, but I try to get the whole picture involved.

I have really thought about politics more in the past 15 years, or so, than I have ever done before. And it all makes me crazy. I have pretty much quit watching the news, because it makes me want to rip my hair out.