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22.10.08 Wednesday
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popcultureicon [22.10.08::10:12]
Also: When I find myself uninformed about a topic or candidate up for a vote, I prefer to inform myself. That includes the voter pamphlet, the for and against websites, the endorsements (weighing for the reputation of the endorsers), third party websites (like wikipedia and, and various peer reviews (for judges, etc.).

that being said, when it comes to municipal judges that actually have an opponent and no real information beyond which former governor endorses them, I usually end up voting for the one with the best name.
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tyrven [22.10.08::10:18]
I vote for the one with the best haircut.
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popcultureicon [22.10.08::10:39]
I also prefer the taller candidate.
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tyrven [22.10.08::10:56]
I prefer candidates who look a bit derranged. Like they might snap at any minute.
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silvergrrl [22.10.08::11:09]
That McCain/Palin vote makes more sense every time you post.
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tyrven [22.10.08::11:14]
Hahah totally. I'm pretty consistent :).