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22.10.08 Wednesday
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tyrven [22.10.08::10:55]
Woah, you ONLY vote by mail? That's awesome.
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push_the_limits [23.10.08::02:17]
Yep. We like it, too. :)

When I lived in Idaho, I almost didn't get to vote once because I worked an odd shift that didn't give me much time to get to my poll. The lines were so long, I wouldn't have made it if a nice old man didn't let me cut in front of him in line.
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seennotheard [23.10.08::02:37]
37 of the 39 counties in WA are only voting by mail, too. Only King & Pierce are doing in-person-polls.

I only just learned this upon moving to Whatcom County :)
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push_the_limits [23.10.08::05:28]
I was born in Whatcom county. Bellingham. :)
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seennotheard [23.10.08::05:54]
That's where I live, yep
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tyrven [23.10.08::03:46]
Who knew?!