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Willow's Costume Party

23.10.08 Thursday
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A few weeks ago, while honoring the Woman Out Of Town (woot) Protocol, goldfischegirl, mrsimul and I crashed my friend Willow's party hell-and-gone somewhere in South Seattle (original post). Anyway, I uploaded the photos a while back but never got a chance to cross-post them here. Many of the pictures from the set were taken by Ashley as we were sharing camera duty that night. It ended up being a pretty wild party and there are some fun photos in the set.

Ashley took this one, although you'd never know. Our styles have seemed to merge over the last few years.

This was my costume for part of the night. I also ended up as an injun at some point, a cowboy at another and a farmer (?) at yet another. These photos were obviously taken by Ashley.

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suxdonut [23.10.08::08:00]
so by 'styles merge' you mean you taught ashley to take upskirts?
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tyrven [23.10.08::08:05]
It's the other way around! I learned everything I know about (upskirt) photography from Ashley!
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I take full credit for all scandal - goldfischegirl [23.10.08::09:53]
It's true. I was taking erotic portraits back when Jeremy was still in the closet.
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thegoddesskali [23.10.08::08:51]
after all these years(!) I never get tired of your faces.
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goldfischegirl [23.10.08::09:52]
There's something extremely satisfying about taking photos of a blind girl's panty-clad ass.
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tyrven [24.10.08::01:31]
Haha I know, right? Because upskirt photos weren't exploitive enough on their own.
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wolfwoman2003 [24.10.08::12:47]
You all are so beautiful and skinny. I hate you! LOL

I watched the slideshow. Wonderful pictures! They harken to the tamer scenes of a Fellini movie, methinks.
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tyrven [24.10.08::01:30]
We're working our way up to the less-tame scenes. We'll get there. It's inevitable.
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wolfwoman2003 [24.10.08::03:50]
Indeed! I will be waiting quietly, in hopes of somehow living vicariously (pathetically?) through yer photos.

Hmm...didn't mean to make that sound so damned lecherous. LOL