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23.10.08 Thursday
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The unholy offspring of getlocalgirl and caseyplusplus.

{int i; i=3; i++}

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wolfwoman2003 [24.10.08::12:49]
Disgustingly cute progeny.
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uncelestial [24.10.08::06:48]
Haha, "unholy offspring." Cute kid, awesome pics!
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wolfwoman2003 [27.10.08::04:05]
So...I really enjoy seeing all yer photography. It's all so fantastic.

And, today I finally got all my pix downloaded from my camera. I had filled up 4 memory stix, so it's a shitload of photos.

I wanted to show off my skills, fer lack of a better word, so I made a little photo essay for my Flist.

I know that half the people I have friended here don't really pay much mind to my silly LJ, but I'm sorta proud of how it turned out. If you have a few minutes, could you check it out?

I've always loved photography, and I've been told that I have an eye for composition. I would like a real photographer's opinion, if you don't mind.

Crass, yes, but what can I say?

I need a totally unbiased take on whether I might have a shot at making some extra money at this hobby. Be honest. I can take it. If nothing else, enjoy the silliness.