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Hot young co-eds!

Katie and I are hosting a fundraiser for the University of Washington Department of Applied Mathematics on November 15th. We're getting donations of kegs from local microbreweries (TDB; details expected on Friday). All proceeds will be used to fund at least one research position over the summer. We have no idea what the field of study for this student will be, however many applied mathemeticians go on to build weapons for the military; obviously, blowing up people in the name of science is a good cause that we can all get behind.

The cover will be $15 ($10 with student ID); for this price, you get an endless supply of alcohol (the department has done mathemetical modeling of alcohol consumption and feels confident they can honor this commitment). The party will likely start around 7:00pm and will be located at our house (1928 10th Ave. E.). Since this is a fundraiser, we're allowing anyone in who meets the cover charge - although if they're ugly we'll likely quarantine them in the basement (sorry, I have standards to maintain).

I'll be posting an invite to Facebook on Monday, once the details have all been confirmed. For now this is a heads-up.

Note: If you can't attend but would like to support the nuking-of-innocent-civis, you can also fund the Applied Mathematics Half Marathon Team, who will be running (half of) the Seattle Marathon on November 30th. Their goal is to raise $20,000 by then! [Donation Form] (PDF).

ATTN: goldfischegirl: You'll be excited to know that the Applied Math faculty will be showing up - drunk professors, what could go wrong?

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