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John's Birthday Party

15.11.08 Saturday
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uncelestial had a pretty epic birthday party at his new home last night. The best addition (which I'm totally going to gank for my next theme party) was a greenscreen photobooth with 20+ backgrounds. Of course, the 9/11 background was the most popular - you just can't go wrong with exploding planes.

I was in a quiet mood last night and took quite a few photos, although my camera managed to make the rounds so I'm looking forward to what debauchery found its way onto my memory card. Of course, I still haven't posted photos from my halloween party yet so we'll see if I ever get around to going through them.

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lormagins [15.11.08::10:31]
you should toss that pic up on 4ch.

or turn it into wallpaper and paper one wall in your home with it. AWESOME.
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tyrven [15.11.08::10:41]
I love the wallpaper idea!!! I want like 50 of these covering my upstairs bathroom.
(Anonymous) [17.11.08::03:06]
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tyrven [17.11.08::07:14]
Kenneth Cole
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herbaliser [17.11.08::07:58]
no you got it at mcleod!
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tyrven [17.11.08::05:34]
Haha nice
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veseliytip [09.03.09::05:59]

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