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Home Alone 4, part 2.

17.12.08 Wednesday
01:53 pm - Home Alone 4, part 2. Previous Entry Share Next Entry

{int i; i=20; i++}

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tyrven [17.12.08::11:48]
It's been years since I've seen that movie but -- isn't that exactly what happens? Although in that slap-stick / cartoon way where you can pretend that the kid isn't actually a complete monster? I seem to recall electrocution.
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uncelestial [18.12.08::12:14]
No, the kid merely foils the theives and everything is done with the pretense of self-defense. In the original script the theives are captured in the basement and subjected to torture and you follow their exploits as they try to escape. BLOOD IS DRAWN
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uncelestial [18.12.08::12:14]
"Home Alone" begins to mean that no one is there to tell the kid not to do the terrible things, or help the theives.