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15.01.09 Thursday
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Have I mentioned how much I adore Roger Ebert lately? "Art-directed in gloomy House of Tudor colors, "The Other Boleyn Girl" offers high-toned pulp for those who like to imagine themselves superior to ranch-colonial Desperate Housewives, and who don't like to feel so guilty about the pleasure they get from vicarious lust and treachery. Movies like this are designed to let the art-house crowd revel in marginally educative vulgarity without getting their sensibilities dirty."

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lormagins [15.01.09::06:21]
And then there's those of us who happily admit we love watching The Hills.

Kate and I are in agreement that The Tudors is basically a historical version of Gossip Girl. And it's fucking awesome because of that.
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tyrven [15.01.09::06:54]
I tried watching Season 1 of The Tudors but wasn't able to get into it. Maybe it would have kept my attention longer if I hadn't watched the free ondemand version where they skipped over all of the sex scenes. Regardless, while I found the religious stuff interesting, overall it didn't maintain my attention.

On the otherhand, I loved HBO's Rome.
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lormagins [15.01.09::07:10]
Oh Rome was awesome. I fucking loved that series.

The Tudors would totally suck without the sex scenes, which are pretty hot. And hey I do enjoy mostly naked Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He's nommy. And the girls are of course all hot with great boobies. I just downloaded Season 2 but will have to get to that once I finish up Denno Coil which has totally sucked my soul and gave me nightmares last night.
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tyrven [15.01.09::07:21]
Lame. I had a feeling that was the case. There is all of this sexual build up across six episodes and then, suddenly, it's over without any real explanation. It wasn't until Katie told me I was watching an edited version that the series started to make more sense. I was like "wait, what, they made out and now they have a child? So confused. Maybe things worked differently in the sixteenth century?"
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herbaliser [15.01.09::07:25]
oh yeah, there's no point without the sex scenes.
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sarcasticwriter [15.01.09::07:39]
I found Season 2 of The Tudors to be much more entertaining than Season 1. There somewhat less international politics and a lot more sex, nudity, boobies, and lopping people's heads off.
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tyrven [15.01.09::08:02]
That sounds like my type of television! Maybe I'll give that a shot. Of course, now I'm watching 24, Damages and The Office so it's not like I need another show to watch ;-).
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kety [15.01.09::07:12]
Ha! That is awesome. On a similar note:
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tyrven [15.01.09::09:47]
Oh, jesus. I so used to be that guy. Then I got suckered into watching an episode of "Lost" and realized that, amazing enough, the medium has progressed beyond bad eighties sitcoms over the last decade while I was being a self-righteous zealot.

So I made up for it by watching all past seasons for Deadwood, Rome, 24, Spooks, Battlestar Gallactica, The Office, Firefly and a few additional guilty pleasures (such as Nip/Tuck and Popular) in like a month of no work, no sleep, no life outside of the television.

And now I feel much better adjusted.
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joannemerriam [18.01.09::04:17]
You should add to that list: Dexter, Weeds, How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs, if you haven't seen them already.
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thingstouchme [16.01.09::02:30]

I saw that movie on the plane from London to Seattle, after having visited the Tower of London. British history is so gloriously whack. I can't wait to go back someday when I have more time to dig up the atrociousness.
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antigrl117 [16.01.09::03:43]
I totally enjoyed the book, but HATED the movie.
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jessiesquash [16.01.09::04:05]
That's such a great description! You know that movie wasn't even that sexy or evocative. They should have hired unknowns and exposed a lot more flesh.