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23.03.09 Monday
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{int i; i=22; i++}

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fr srs - lormagins [23.03.09::05:55]
omg I wanna go to morocco, you in?
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Re: fr srs - tyrven [23.03.09::05:59]
Morocco is pretty much at the top of my list so yeah, name the date.
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Re: fr srs - doyouhaveaflag [24.03.09::06:16]
hey my bf and i have been planning a trip to morocco together for almost as long as we've been dating. however, it's china for three weeks this summer first for the total solar eclipse.
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Re: fr srs - doyouhaveaflag [24.03.09::06:17]
oh also, we have a house here with room for two if you wanted some bay area action