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23.03.09 Monday
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tyrven [23.03.09::06:29]
For sure! We'll be in Atlanta toward the end of the week. You don't happen to have a couch for us to crash on do you ;-)? We're thinking about seeing King Tut and the Teracotta Army. What else should we do while we're in town?
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fierceflawless [23.03.09::06:43]
you may actually be in luck... we have an extra mattress for the week, as long as you don't mind cats walking on your face.

I'm off work thurs & friday. let me see if I can get you tickets to the teracotta army thing, we're giving those away right now.

you mentioned you wanted to see the aquarium & it is pretty sweet.
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tyrven [23.03.09::06:46]
Wow, what are the chances? That'd be awesome if you don't mind.

I totally forgot about the aquarium. We'll definitely have to go to that. I'll let you know once I find out are exact plans (Katie's here for a conference; I just stowed away in her bags).
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fierceflawless [23.03.09::06:49]
k. how many/which nights are we talking? just let me know.
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tyrven [23.03.09::08:22]
Apparently we'll be headed back to Atlanta on Thursday. So if you're off Thursday and Friday and don't mind playing tour guide maybe Thursday night? We'll be in town until Monday morning, but can grab a hotel after that. Don't want to impose :).
jizosh [23.03.09::06:45]
World of Coca-Cola! ...I thought it was cool anyway. There's tons of Civil War shit there too if that's interesting to you. And you said you're already going to the High Museum, so that's good. Umm, there's apparently lots of places to golf?
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fierceflawless [23.03.09::06:50]
I have at least one free ticket to the world of coke. or I did, before I moved. I'll have to dig through a few things... ;)
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tyrven [24.03.09::12:46]
I want to go just so I can tell people I went to "The world of Coke". And then they'll be like "Yeah, yeah - that's so 2004" (or "Yeah, yeah - that's so 1980" depending on their generation). And I'll be like "No, really, I went to The World of Coke".