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23.03.09 Monday
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jizosh [23.03.09::06:45]
World of Coca-Cola! ...I thought it was cool anyway. There's tons of Civil War shit there too if that's interesting to you. And you said you're already going to the High Museum, so that's good. Umm, there's apparently lots of places to golf?
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fierceflawless [23.03.09::06:50]
I have at least one free ticket to the world of coke. or I did, before I moved. I'll have to dig through a few things... ;)
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tyrven [24.03.09::12:46]
I want to go just so I can tell people I went to "The world of Coke". And then they'll be like "Yeah, yeah - that's so 2004" (or "Yeah, yeah - that's so 1980" depending on their generation). And I'll be like "No, really, I went to The World of Coke".