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23.03.09 Monday
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{int i; i=22; i++}

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tyrven [23.03.09::06:46]
Wow, what are the chances? That'd be awesome if you don't mind.

I totally forgot about the aquarium. We'll definitely have to go to that. I'll let you know once I find out are exact plans (Katie's here for a conference; I just stowed away in her bags).
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fierceflawless [23.03.09::06:49]
k. how many/which nights are we talking? just let me know.
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tyrven [23.03.09::08:22]
Apparently we'll be headed back to Atlanta on Thursday. So if you're off Thursday and Friday and don't mind playing tour guide maybe Thursday night? We'll be in town until Monday morning, but can grab a hotel after that. Don't want to impose :).