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I want this poster.

07.04.09 Tuesday
10:35 pm - I want this poster. Previous Entry Share Next Entry

{int i; i=10; i++}

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hdog [08.04.09::07:42]
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sarcasticwriter [08.04.09::08:40]
I'm pretty sure that's Photoshopped.
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serorobele [08.04.09::01:35]
Ok, I'd like to see her "Procedure" section. :p
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lilchiva [08.04.09::02:47]
Personally, I love that the "default" on the Bi Three Way is two dudes adn a chick.
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silvergrrl [08.04.09::06:13]
Why did they cut off the medal? Gold, silver or bronze, kid? I gotta know.
(Anonymous) [08.04.09::07:05]
It gets a gold medal in my book.
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bunbury_ [08.04.09::06:32]
Photoshop - y/n? Either way, I love that androgynous/gender-bending kid. Nice use of the scientific method (except, why do bisexuals only get a three-way?).
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housepet [11.04.09::01:38]
Where did you get this picture? I would be quite interested to see what else might be there.
mama_hogswatch [11.04.09::09:36]
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tyrven [11.04.09::05:29]
Aww, that's too bad. I still want that poster!