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11.04.09 Saturday
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I totally forgot that I owned a camera. I have photos going back to like December! These two were taken in January after Katie and I finished hanging my peacock screen. It may not look like much but it took us a couple hours to get it mounted and level, so were were pretty proud. I think it fills out the room nicely. Now we just need to get a new bedspread and rug. (The sheepskin rug was actually intended for this room but we put it in the library until we find a cowskin rug for that room).

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fiercekitty [11.04.09::10:53]
badass! I also love the cat in front of the fireplace :)
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tyrven [12.04.09::01:33]
That's Shinji :). He's actually a dog disguised as a cat.
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thegoddesskali [11.04.09::10:57]
That looks amazing. Very soothing and peaceful. I want to vacation in a room like that.
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tyrven [12.04.09::01:34]
Totally. It's pretty important to me that I have a place like that to retreat to. My bedroom is always my first priority when I move into a new house.
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gfrancie [11.04.09::11:23]
I like the fact that half the bed isn't covered in a multitude of pillows.
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tyrven [12.04.09::01:35]
And it's not enough! I always sleep with two pillows. And prefer to have a pillow for my feet too. And also one for my side. Haha. You can never have too many pillows!
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gfrancie [13.04.09::12:16]
You need one of those maternity pillows that are marketed toward pregnant women. They are HUGE.

But do you have all those little pillows made out of attractive but scratchy fabrics and hold no real use as a pillow other than to look mildly interesting next to the eight million other pillows? Useful pillows are one thing, but all those extra pillows that do nothing except lay around like some cheap whore? What are those about? I might even forgive the existence of a bolster as it does something.
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tyrven [13.04.09::01:00]
I'm opposed to useless pillows! We do have some decor pillows on our sectional - but they're velvety soft and still totally usable. Katie also made some using cheap pop-art material she found at Ikea for like $0.99/yard; they're not as comfortable, but they're perfect for sitting on or giving the other pillows extra height.
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gfrancie [13.04.09::03:01]
Throw pillows are nice if you can sit on them without going, "wtf is killing me???" We are fond of slouchy sort of throw pillows for the sofa. (especially popular with our son who likes to slouch on them while playing with lego) But think of those tiny pillows with boa trim and maybe are embroidered with sequins or something. On second thought I think you need one that says, "Bitch" or "Hot Chicks only" and done up in a sort of tacky bordello print. Plenty of lace, velvour and sequins.
(Anonymous) [12.04.09::12:43]
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tyrven [12.04.09::01:36]
I was pretty lucky - most everything in this room (the vicrola, tusk, screen, rocking chair) were inherited from my gradfather. They're all beautiful pieces and go really nicely together.
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veovix [12.04.09::12:53]
Very nice.

Funny...that is the *EXACT* platform bed I've been eying. Any complaints?
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tyrven [12.04.09::01:38]
My only complaint is that it's so large that it covers up the windows slightly and actually has to be a couple inches off-center in order for the balcony doors to open. Not really complaints :) just considerations. Outside of that, I really like it. I'm partial to platform beds.

Neither Katie or I thought we needed a king sized bed; we upgraded mostly because we liked the furniture. Turns out having a king is really nice.
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wasta [12.04.09::02:12]
I think if someone brought me home to that bedroom, I'd be intimidated...
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katethoughts [12.04.09::03:14]
Your bedroom looks like it came straight out of Dwell Magazine. It's beautiful! I'm envious in ways you may never know.
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I Love Dwell!!! - thegoddesskali [12.04.09::04:46]
One of my attorneys gets that magazine. He gives it to me to drool over.
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ladyfalcon [12.04.09::04:34]
That's really beautiful! You have a good eye for decorating, which is impressive to me as I'm one of those people who wears jeans all the time so as to obviate the need to color-coordinate even that much
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karinkarinkarin [12.04.09::04:37]
I thought about visit you guys today -- I got off 520 at roanoke to go home because I didn't want to drive on I-5. but then decided to go home instead.
(Anonymous) [12.04.09::07:26]
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tyrven [13.04.09::12:57]
I think the lighting is one of my favorite things about my house. I've always appreciated lighting but didn't realize how much it could stand on its own. For our next house (which we'll be designing) we'll definitely be putting a lot of thought into the lighting and making sure there's plenty of indirect sources.
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hdog [13.04.09::05:26]
I feel an Asian overtone with ritualistic ambiance. Pretty cool.