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Snow Day

12.04.09 Sunday
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Like half the photos on my camera were from that week in December when it snowed and everyone decided it would be better to hang out with friends than go to work. Everyday should be snow day. Unfortunately, most of the photos fall under the "had to of been there" category but I managed to salvage a few.

I think this is the only picture I have of the outside of my house. Everything looks so pretty in the snow!

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goldfischegirl [12.04.09::08:06]
I feel like I took a number of these, but perhaps its just our ever merging styles.
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tyrven [13.04.09::12:57]
I am pretty sure you did. Particularly the ones of Justin and Chris (funny).
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goldfischegirl [13.04.09::01:23]
Ba dum CHING!
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johnnyblacklove [12.04.09::10:28]
the photos of your swanky santa friend would make excellent smarmy christmas cards.