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Katie's 28th Birthday Party

06.06.09 Saturday
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I suspect most of you are on my 1928 party invite list, but for you Facebook haters: we're throwing a birthday party for Katie on Sunday, June 21st, 1959 at 5:00PM. (Yes, that's a subtle hint at a theme). It's a potluck so you should come prepared with sides to share or meats for the grill. Katie also just bought some new patio furniture which we should have in by then; since everyone tends to lounge on the patio during summer parties anyway, we figured we'd at least make it comfortable.

Also, this is a heads up that you should block off the evening of Friday, September 11th, 2009 on your calendar as you're committed to coming to my as-of-yet-unannounced-but-hardly-difficult-to-guess-the-theme-of party, which will last well into Saturday. I don't like to hype my own parties but seriously, this is the event we've all been waiting nearly a decade for.

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ashlin519 [08.06.09::04:20]
Man, I'm going to miss your party in September by a week!