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20.01.10 Wednesday
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karinkarinkarin [20.01.04::05:56]
I don't believe that anyone has ever asked for the 'raddest' thing that I've ever done. it's going to take some thinking on my part.

I'll have to get back to you on that one.

that aside, I have been intrigued by your journal entries.
found through random clicking of friends' friends pages. 3 times removed, I believe. or something to that effect.
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tyrven [20.01.04::06:18]
I must admit some reluctance in absense of a rad story... but you have a big fluffy cat on your profile so you can't be all that bad. I'm adding you now. Welcome.
karinkarinkarin [20.01.04::06:45]
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(Anonymous) [20.01.04::09:25]
my water broke at work at 930am we were realy short that day 4 people verses 280 patients and only one other person that was trained to do drug screens so I stayed untill 530pm went to the hospital and delivered four hours later. My nurse said you should have been here hours ago you are crazy she said your lucky you made it. I would have to say that's pretty rad
That's impressive - smogninga [21.01.04::02:36]
Wow, your like super Mom.
This is something that I will have to think about for a bit because you see, I'm so RAD, that it will be quite a quandary for me to pick just one.
Re: That's impressive - tyrven [21.01.04::02:41]
Yawn - smogninga [21.01.04::02:49]
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tyrven [24.01.04::03:34]
hello - (Anonymous) [22.01.04::11:48]
I have recently been reviewing your past entries and I must say, sometimes the simplist things in life reveal the essence of why we are here. I enjoy reading your posts very much. You are helping people open their minds and recognize the little things. I believe that when we notice such little things we are doing that for a purpose. An indirect vision tot he future if you will. Whether its a big time decision coming up that day or the next, or if it just helps you with a belief youve been contemplating.. basically, the random things we recognize in everyday life are actually indirect answers to our inner thoughts.. Yet I am young I feel that the last years of my life I have slowly been recognizing this feeling and trying to understand it further. I hope one day I can conquer this feeling and master it, but for now, more thinking and watching, the simple person has many characteristics, but for those known qualities come millions of hidden thoughts and feelings that make up a second you.. an inner person that you cant feel .. that you have no idea about.. will you find him/her .. if so .. i hope you dont forget the little things that got you there.. Thanks for the space my man ..
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Re: hello - tyrven [22.01.04::02:03]
That's an interesting point. While I could only hope that my journal is actually benefitial to someone, I do agree with your point about questions and the indirect and understated source of their answers. You should create a journal (it's free) so I can add you; it seems like you would have interesting insight and your contributions would be welcome.
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You want me to limit myself to one act of radness?!!?!? - belovedrooster [22.01.04::11:03]
The raddest thing I have ever done? Some would say it was the night I screamed "Vagina Motherfuckers!!!!" to a crowd of 250 people and then threw a tampon at them.
I once ran over 26 miles in less than four hours - but I can tell you, that was *NOT* a rad experience. My thighs were like chipped beef for days afterward.
I shaved my head as a psychological experiment to see how entrenched I am in societal standards.
Some people would say I was consistantly rad because I never let anything get in the way of my goals. I get that from my Dad, though, so it isn't an original radical attribute. It's inherited.
Let me ask around -- I'll get some consensus and get back to you.

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Re: You want me to limit myself to one act of radness?!!?!? - tyrven [23.01.04::03:39]
I must say that while the bark was bold (as appropriate to the nature of the performance), I've had tampons thrown at me and it wasn't terribly intimidating; I suspect that in the comfort of numbers the gesture would be even less so. They just aren't very confrontational items. Unless it was both used; I'm sure this would have a very different response. Nonetheless, I'm sure the message was received by the words and confidence of the presentation. I have, to note, yet to see a performance of The Vagina Monologues, although a friend is producing an edition at SU which I plan on attending. And regardless, I've added you so you now have access to my private little world. Enjoy.
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lust - queenmombi [23.01.04::08:14]
hhm. i have many embarassing stories, not very flattering stories, foolish stories..... And i am full of lightly radical things which create my daily life, but i am never quite exuberant in my radness.

i once at my brother's entire birthday cake..... Almost got arrested for flashing cars but talked my way out of it.... no more for now.
i try not to do things that would or could result in me being deprived of beautiful surroundings. i do so value beauty.
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Re: lust - tyrven [23.01.04::08:22]
What is the most beautiful surrounding you've experienced? Can it be described in words or would that ruin it?

If, at this moment, I had a brother and he had a birthday cake I would eat it all as well. This would correspond with the drinking of red wine and watching of depressing Chinese films with the subtitles off and sound turned up. Alas, however, I don't have a birthday cake. As such, I will do precisely these things except that I will replace the cake with a pint of Crème Brule ice cream.

Welcome to my journal.
Re: lust - queenmombi [24.01.04::09:25]
the perception of life - (Anonymous) [24.01.04::10:54]
Human beings have for a long time been under the impresion that they are essential to the universe . We are ,in fact, expendable. For example, if one human being were to die ,or something along that line, before they could leave there impression on society, then it will be like they were nothing more than another satisitic and what ever great event ,big or small , would have never come about causing society to would move on like nothing had ever happened. In a religios point of view , God, wouldn't need any of us, espeacially if he could create all the that we see and don't see. Basically us humans are nonessential. If we didn't exist life will still go on with out us.
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Re: the perception of life - tyrven [25.01.04::08:58]
I completely agree. In fact, I'd argue that we could get rid of this entire planet including and it wouldn't really impact the overall direction or end destination of the universe. In some ways, it's a comforting thought; really, ultimately, we just can't mess things up that much.

Thanks for your thoughts, stranger.
Re: the perception of life - l3gi0n [03.02.04::04:55]
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jawllyholiday [24.01.04::11:02]
I enjoy reading the journals of people who are much more eloquent and articulate than myself. My journal is mostly filled with daily ramblings, as I find myself with little time to sit down and actually put my "deep" thoughts to paper, so to speak. But I'd love to be added to your list and continue to read your wonderful observations on life and such.

I've had quite a few rad moments in my life, enough that I probably couldn't even think of them all right now if I tried. But one that pops into my mind is the day when I walked up to Alnwick Castle in northern England and realized, this will be my home for the next four months. It was the most amazing semester of my life.

Cheers, and thanks for helping stimulate some great memories!
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tyrven [25.01.04::09:02]
Well, I don't know if I'm eloquent or articulate although I appreciate the complements. I would consider myself verbose and on occassion dramatic, for whatever those are worth ;-). I'm not familiar with Alnwick Castle by name, but the idea of living in a castle for some period does, in fact, qualify as rad. Perhaps through your journal I'll be able to answer obvious questions (where did you study? what was your major?). Be well.
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Diction - iamahome [25.01.04::01:15]
I didn't want to hijack goldfischegirl's post so I decided to post this, the textual equivalent of grin, on your journal.

You got me thinking though, through my daze, about the raddest thing I've done. The first thing that comes to mind:
On one of those American holidays that I can never seem to keep straight (probably something involving veterans), a friend and I were stuck in traffic on our way to I-don't-know. We started to run through a list of places we'd rather be when, in unison, we exclaimed, "Vancouver!" I'd been once as a kid, he had only gotten as far north as Seattle, but immediately I turned my car around and we started driving the 200-some miles to the border. No overnight bags and no second thoughts. It was the single best trip I've been on, despite getting soaked in a torrential rainstorm and the unfortunate search for drugs at the border (of course we hadn't thought to bring our passports). Now we try to get away to Canada for every major American holiday; it's one of our favourite pastimes.

Oh and (insert grin here)...

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Re: Diction - tyrven [25.01.04::03:15]
Ah, yes, wonderful! I have had quite a few spontaneous midnight runs to Canada and thus a definite appreciate for this tradition of yours. Likewise, I can unfortunately relate to the lengthy drug searches far too well. A friend of mine told me a fantastic story about the bordercrossing which I like to relay to others, but alas it has continually escaped significance when told in writing so you don't get to hear it. If, by some strange chance, however, you see me on the street be sure to stop me and ask to hear the story because it's highly entertaining (which I'm allowed to say since I'm just relaying someone elses experiences, hah).
tartypants [25.01.04::08:42]
We share three enchanting obsessions: chess, pirates, and This American Life. These are all rad things, in my opinion. I found your journal on Kat's friends page and have been enjoying from afar. I don't write about much except love and tangents upon tangents, but you should add me as a friend anyway. I once ran away to New Orleans from San Francisco on 48 hours notice. Equally the raddest and stupidest thing I have ever done.
Friends? And you take lovely pictures. And lastly, a disclaimer (even though those usually come first): I am a tinge drunk, hence the disjointed incoherent roundabout way of introducing myself.
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tyrven [25.01.04::09:09]
Sadly, I haven't listened to This American Life in sometime, due to a break in my weekly routines. I feel that something is missing as a result, and need to get into the habit of streaming the webcasts down on a regular basis. It's a wonderful show. Did you listen to the one about the girl who was penpals with Noriega? Anyway, I've friended you. Welcome.
emperorct [26.01.04::11:35]
I read several of your comments at abstractthought, and decided to browse your journal. Your photos are wonderful. The colors are vibrant, and I love the touch of abstract.

I added you, so I feel obliged to leave, as requested, my 'raddest thing' to date.

I visited Italy three years ago. Near the end of the three-week trip, while in Florence, I managed to get hopelessly lost. I did not speak Italian, and did not have any of my tourist guides / maps with me. The bulk of my money was in my hotel room, so I didn't have enough for a cab. Just as I decided I was doomed, I wondered into the midst of parade. The "Estate Fiesolana" was a celebration of dance, film, music, and arts. The costumes were stunning, and there were loud, happy, Italians everywhere. I felt, at that moment, that I'd finally gotten a REAL glimpse of the country's culture. I never wanted to leave, and in fact didn't make it back to my hotel until five hours later! My dream is to return and live in Florence.
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tyrven [27.01.04::12:38]
Thank you for the compliment and even more so for the story. I've never been to Italy but look forward to one day visiting. That sounds like an excellent time and reminds me of the fact that some of my life's most cherished adventures were in response to being lost (literally or conceptually). I actually had a very similar experience in NYC during which I happened across the Puerto Rican day parade; while it ended up to be a very eventful and interesting experience, though, I could never actually live in New York City. I think it's interesting, though, how culture is almost invisible to the searching eye; in some ways it is something we have to be part of instead of simply observing in order to really understand it. To do that we must step aside from our comfortable detachment and truly allow ourselves to be embraced in the moment. Being lost seems to polarize that perspective to either extreme, depending on how you respond to it (probably related to our fight or flight instinct). Anyway, I’ve added you to my journal so you may now see my friends only entries; welcome! And I look forward to learning more about you from your journal.
ex_blackswan308 [27.01.04::03:25]

hey there. i hope you don't mind that i've added you. i found you through a mutual friends' list and you seemed interesting, liked what photos of yours i saw, so i thought i would add you on the chance that you would add me back as well.

the 'raddest' thing i've ever done: hmm.
probably somehow get nominated for the 2003 pushcart prize in poetry. i suppose. though that was out of my hands, really. the judging that is! i did write the poems i swear!

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tyrven [27.01.04::03:28]
Gladly and welcome. Perhaps you'll share this poem?
ex_blackswan308 [27.01.04::03:32]
(Anonymous) [29.01.04::07:46]
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Re: - tyrven [30.01.04::12:13]
You've got a rad icon, though.... I've added you to my friends list. Welcome.
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firestartermsu [30.01.04::10:49]
Raddest thing I have ever done?? ... wow that takes some thought. Perhaps standing at the top of the World Trade Center, especially now that that is no longer an option, was a pretty amazing time. ... One time when I was 15 (and my family will never let me forget this one), while camping in the Grand Canyon with all of my extended family I managed to eat 6 huge hamburgers all by myself. ... Or the time, about two months ago, when I decided that I had never been to Denver, so I bought a plane ticket and left that afternoon. Those all seem like pretty rad things.

I found your journal through a friend of a friend's page and I just had to add you. Now, I've been reading all the replies that you have gotten to this, and I think that it's only fair that you now share with us: What is the raddest thing you have ever done? =)
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Re: - tyrven [30.01.04::03:09]
You've done some pretty rad things.
  • World Trade Center: That's intense. I went to the roof of one of the skyscrapers in Seattle and I thought that was pretty rad, but it's not even close to your story. How neat!
  • American Excess: It's so American to be proud of eating six hamburgers ;-). I, of course, have no room to talk as I'm sure I've done plenty of similar things.
  • Denver: That, I believe, is the raddest of your stories. I love sponteneity and adventure! I did this on Christmas with a ticket to DC but ended up staying home (see my 12/25 post for details).
Anyway, yes, yes... good stories.
Re: - tyrven [30.01.04::04:01]
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No, no, no!! - mstwentyone [31.01.04::01:24]
That was WAY too easy. You can't just add me to my friend's list when you have such a structured criteria for admission. I want off. If you're not going to stick to your guns, Jeremy Fellow, then I don't know WHAT to think about you!

That said, in the near future I will present to you my most fascinating (and raddest) story and then, and only then, may I be selected to participate in this LJ world of yours.

(So there!)
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Re: No, no, no!! - tyrven [31.01.04::03:13]
I could excuse this oversight based on the fact that I've shaken your hand; I think that's a reasonable basis for an exception (let's ignore for a second the presumed order of operations). Regardless, though, it's evident that my journal needs a better regulatory system to keep me accountable for such impulsive decisions and your honesty in observing this oversight is much respected. In accordance with your request, I will request that you be defriended immediately.
Automated Response from Process #50291 - tyrven [31.01.04::03:18]
Re: Automated Response from Process #50291 - mstwentyone [05.02.04::06:01]
Re: Automated Response from Process #50291 - tyrven [05.02.04::06:02]
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faecat [31.01.04::06:02]
I found you because you found me. :)

And I think the raddest thing I've ever done is to talk a suicidal woman into putting the knife away, flushing a bottle of painkillers down the toilet, and throwing the key to her gun safe out the window.
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Re: - tyrven [31.01.04::06:06]
I'm impressed with how many options said women had. I must admit, and I consider myself emotionally stable, but if I had immediate access to a gun I doubt I'd be typing this right now. How is she doing now? Has she worked through whatever issues left her in that state? I have mixed views on suicide lately. Regardless, though, I'm glad there are people like you who are there for people in her state. Welcome to my journal.
Re: - faecat [31.01.04::06:11]
Re: - tyrven [31.01.04::06:13]
Re: - faecat [31.01.04::06:16]