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20.01.10 Wednesday
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stephanina513 [03.01.05::09:32]
Although I can't say that I've done many "rad" things, I can say that I've done some fairly "awesome" things as well as some fairly "heinous" things. If, by chance, you decide to add me back as a friend I'll be glad to share some of those both "awesome" and "heinous" experiences with you, and if you're lucky you may just run across something rad.

Besides, you should add me back just so I don't have to feel like a stalker when I look at the pictures you take. They're beautiful and inspiring...and I would really rather they just show up on my friends page than have to type in your journal address. Yes, I am that lazy.

Peace! Nina
rad... - joez9 [06.01.05::09:53]
Hey Jeremy, I met you at stillraven's party for katethoughts last week.

I'm not sure what the raddest thing I've ever done is, but here's some stuff about me that I think is pretty cool...

-I used to be able to run a 5 minute mile
-I play the sax (although it's been quite a while)
-I've met Lisa Loeb (twice)
-I'm a Purple Belt in Tae Kwon Do

That's all I can think of right now...
arrrgh - 5stringbassist [14.01.05::10:52]
i think the coolest thing ive ever done was my decision to become a pirate about 2 years ago (5 months before the movie dodgeball was written). cooler than studying Tai Chi Do for 6 1/2 years, cooler than playing bass for 11 years (im 19), cooler than flipping a ford explorer into a 15 foot ravine and cutting myself out of the seatbelt cause i couldnt undo it(i was upside down). yes, being a pirate is so much cooler than all of that, but im not sure of the neccessary qualifications of radness, is it? im not familiar with being rad so i wouldnt know.
mazzygirl [24.01.05::09:10]
I danced in a cage.

Add me.
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tyrven [24.01.05::09:32]
And you have an icon with Audrey Hepburn in it. Welcome.
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I want to be a friend. - clavela [29.01.05::11:06]
Raddest thing Ive ever done? Hmmm. Well I don't know if its my most interesting, but its the one coming to mind. Two winters ago I drove alone to Boston from Oregon during one of the worst winters the east coast has had in years. Until Tennessee the trip was uneventful. 0130 one night; BFE Tennessee; gas tank on empty; oregon girl not use to pumping own gas (In Oregon its illegal); insert card into pump; holding nozzle ready to insert; drivers door open; authorization approved; torrent of unleaded flooding drivers seat, air vents, and exterior of auto; disbelief; shock; 3 gallons; throw nozzle to ground; realize last bored BFE hooligan patron had locked nozzle on; another patron enters station; ask for self car wash; directed; stupor; find car wash; truck pulls up; hands me my gas tank plug; drove off with it on auto roof; duh; good samaritans in BFE; continue journey; heater broken; noxious gas fumes; freezing winds; window open to survive; continue to Boston; wreak all the way through; high; arrive Valentines day; satsong gathering at my new community living residence; meet boy; find out im boys new yoga instructor; chemistry; electric connection; profound sex; flashes into the great unknown; cosmic.
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loversforlilly [20.02.05::03:37]
hmmm... the raddest thing i've ever done?

probably cutting my 2nd biggest toe on my right foot off when i was eight years old (it was later sewed back on!) & now it has this strange little twitch sometimes... i think its rad! (in fact i don't think i've used the word 'rad' since i was about 8 years old!)
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There are radder *sounding@ things I've done... - lexm [25.02.05::03:32]
...but really, the raddest thing I've ever done was to spend a week at a silent Zen meditation retreat.

I was so wired on leaving that I didn't sleep for 36 hours straight.
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alpenglow [25.02.05::11:37]
Raddest thing I've done - running out of money with one week left in a month-long trip to Alaska, I looked on the map for a trail that looked like it might take about that long to hike, and started walking...
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a_gentle_hill [27.02.05::11:37]
I'm feelin' significanly un-rad right now by comparison... but what the hey. I once had an erotic short story published that began with a discussion about anal worms.

I met you at Sara's party last night. If added I expect to see pictures.
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tyrven [27.02.05::12:40]
Good to meet you :). And yes, I will have tons of pictures coming soon.
ex_grammargi983 [17.03.05::12:17]
one of the raddest things i've done is throw a mad tea party for my sister's 30th birthday. (as seen here)

in a fit of sleeplessness, i followed links from quent to daeverra to your lj. i recognized your picture from previously checking out your nerve profile. then i browsed your photos and saw my old roommate, willow. coincidence or kismet? should we know each other?
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ameyumi [18.03.05::04:24]
Hey, We had lunch together once in Capitol Hill just before Heather Cote moved to Spokane. And then we checked out my new (empty) apartment just off of Broadway. I'd love to be added to your list. I've been checking out your entries and photos for the past couple months (love the photos!), so figured it was about time I say hi!
So my raddest moment... I used to work at a nursing home, and had to deal with death quite often. But one of the most incredible experiences was holding a woman's hand while she died. It was fairly quick (~10 minutes). She wasn't really sick, so we weren't expecting it at all. She was watching tv with everyone and when I looked over at her, she was slumped in her chair all the way to the floor. A guy I was working with and I carried her to her bed and she spent about 5 minutes gasping for air. Her body was moving but she had no pulse. So I held her hand and told her she was safe and could let go. Finally, she got peaceful and died. I felt completely honored to spend the last couple minutes of her life with her. And in that moment, my view of death went from that it was scary and wrong to a view of peace and acceptance. An awesome awesome experience.
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tyrven [18.03.05::06:03]
Oh, yes, I remember you! That apartment was awesome; do you still live there? I passed by it with my girlfriend the other day and I was telling her that she should check them out (she's looking for a new place to live). Oh, and thanks on the photography :). It's my favorite hobby.

That is definitely a rad experience! I had a similar experience saying goodbye to my grandfather, seeing him transform over a fourty-eight hour period, hearing his last gasps of air and then feeling his hand fall limp. In my case it was harder to deal with than I expected; as a nihilist, I expected little connection to death, which is something I view objectively and without attachment. I didn't factor in the selfish impact losing a good friend would have. Despite that, I remember being both stunned and fascinated by the experience; there was something incredible about witnessing a death first hand and seeing the drastic change that happens within that split second when, as you say, they can let go.

Anyway, I've added you. That's a lovely icon, by the way. Look forward to reading your journal :) (although I'm quite intermittent in keeping up with my friends page).
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the raddest thing... - veroism [18.03.05::05:24]
erm.. the raddest thing I've ever done....
well, at the moment I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a theoretical astrophysicist by moving 7000 miles from home to England where my university has a fantastic astrophysics program and the opportunity to intern at one of the largest radio telescopes in the world.
Your photography is awesome, by the way.
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Re: the raddest thing... - tyrven [18.03.05::05:56]
Wow, that's really cool. After highschool, my astronomy teacher pulled some strings to get me an internship at a radio telescope. I didn't pursue the opportunity as life happened instead (I had started a tech firm at the time and it was the mid-nineties so things moved quicker than I expected). Looking back, I always wonder what would have happened if I had pursued that course. I adore the sciences and there was something really sexy about that: backpacking to a telescope and living alone with the stars for a three month period: how amazing would that be?! Anyway, I've added you and also that's a cute icon. And thanks regarding the photography; the insides of my journal are less photo-oriented and more focused on sarcastic and offensive rants. It's fun to see how worked up people get when their value assumptions are challenged.
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Saw you on OkCupid.. - tigrekitty [21.03.05::06:38]
and am sick of "wooing" you. The raddest thing I've done.. probably the raddest things I've done are actually the dumbest things I've done. This is a very vague question.. Burnt a chunk of my hair off as a dare? Dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween? Now if you asked me what's the the cruelest thing I've ever done.. that would be much easier to answer.

Add please ! :)
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Re: Saw you on OkCupid.. - tyrven [21.03.05::09:36]
Hah. I burnt all of my hair/eyebrows/eyelashes off last summer during a barbeque accident. That was amusing. I haven't dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite, though. That movie kicked a lot of ass, regardless.

What is the cruelest thing you've ever done?

Adding you. Cute icon.
Re: Saw you on OkCupid.. - tigrekitty [23.03.05::11:09]
Re: Saw you on OkCupid.. - tigrekitty [23.03.05::11:10]
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may I be added? - errol_q_spunkle [24.03.05::10:46]
Hello. I found your diary via OKcupid. (I'm kamchatka). Hmm....the raddest thing I've ever done? I put pipe cleaners in my hair and dressed like Pippi Longstocking for some portions of 7th grade.
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Re: may I be added? - tyrven [24.03.05::06:54]
Absolutely :). And I look forward to reading your journal (when I get back from Los Angeles, that is).
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ruku_san [25.03.05::08:07]
Hey Tyrven,

Love the photos you've taken (or what I could see, anyway)

As for the raddest thing I've done? Probably being asked to take photos of my friend's band playing at the local bowling club.