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20.01.10 Wednesday
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add me! add me@ - tendency [04.04.05::11:11]
forgive if the request is too bold, but the samples of your work i've seen are fascinating and I'd love an opportunity to a) see more and b) see the brain that produces them.

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Re: add me! add me@ - tyrven [04.04.05::02:15]
Most all of my photos are public so people are typically disappointed to discover that after being added to my friend's list all they really get is a bunch of self-important and trite ramblings. That said, welcome.

P.S., Have we met? We share a number of friends. What are the chances we've never ended up at the same party together in a city as small as Seattle.
you're right. - tendency [05.04.05::02:54]
Re: you're right. - tyrven [09.04.05::11:19]
Saddam? How jealous am I? - tendency [11.04.05::01:31]
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3 things, nice to meet you - likeamarmoset [06.04.05::08:42]
here are three;

1. i fell off the giants causeway. this was my fault, for not being smart, and going too close to the edge. it was also the ocean's fault for being a jerk.

2. i started my own art movement. it has been slow to get off the ground, but i have made a little name for myself in baltimore. it's a fun story; one with boobies and autism and atom bombs. if you want to know more, i'll tell you later.

3. i held my grandfathers hand while he died. thats all i will say on that one, because there really wasn't anything more than that. it was very, very intense, to be with someone at that moment of their lives, and it had a very subtle albeit strong effect on me.
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Re: 3 things, nice to meet you - tyrven [09.04.05::11:14]
Boobies and atom bombs go so well together. A natural complement, really. You must tell me more. I also had a similar experience with my grandfather and can definitely understand the "subtle albeit strong effect". I've added you as a friend. A FRIEND.
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Baaa! - ratchick [12.04.05::08:32]
Ok, I'll be a sheep and enter the gates of...well, I'm not sure yet, exactly.

Rad: slang : COOL 7, RADICAL. Hm...

I personally think it's pretty cool & radical that I used to take naps on Bill Gates' (daddy, not sonny boy) leather couch when I worked for his law firm. It was right before he retired, and I saw him exactly twice during the ~3 years I was there.

Oh, and cagekitten is the reason I looked you up. She mentioned you in a conversation during her birthday celebration this past weekend.
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incognito84 [13.04.05::07:57]
Hey, your profile interested me so now I find myself on your doorstop wanting to be let in. Mind adding me back?
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tyrven [13.04.05::10:06]
Of course. I see you're from Halifax; do you like it there? I'd like to visit Halifax. For a while I wanted to move there, but lately I've set my sights on South America instead.
incognito84 [13.04.05::10:37]
raddest thing - pixidust8 [19.04.05::05:09]
Re: raddest thing - tyrven [19.04.05::11:31]
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poaebox [25.04.05::11:37]
i woke up.

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tyrven [25.04.05::12:03]
What's the secret?
poaebox [25.04.05::12:29]
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. . .and the door opened - autishar [26.04.05::05:56]
The raddest thing I've ever done, I can't think of one so here are a few;

1. Free fell for 30 seconds.
2. Worked with the criminally insane.
3. Saved a kitten's life.
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wanton_bliss [26.04.05::07:13]
I really just wanted to know what type of camera you are using, because you are getting some very vibrant blues in your photos.
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tyrven [26.04.05::07:18]
I use the Canon EOS 300D with a 50mm f/1.8 lens (typically). I was particularly surprised by the blues that it picked up in my beach photos from California.
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ykantchristype [14.05.05::10:41]
Once I sucked a snail out of its shell and swallowed it.

And then I felt bad about it later.

Can I read you?

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popcultureicon [15.05.05::04:02]
I threw icecream at the head of a customer who was being beligerent and superior. on principle, I do not take "throwing things at" level of exception to a customer behaving that way, but purchasing icecream is supposed to be a happy thing god damn it.
plus they pronounced it ph-ish food. with a very not silent p.
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fritz_da_kat [15.05.05::03:42]
You are extremely popular, and in high demand I see.

I saw the 400+ number of comments and couldn't resist adding one.

As for "raddest", I had to look it up in the dictionary first...
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tyrven [15.05.05::04:04]
Christ, is it up to 400? I keep meaning to replace this post with a poll but I haven't decided on appropriately offensive questions yet. I see we share a few friends; I wonder if we've run into one another before?
fritz_da_kat [15.05.05::04:11]
tyrven [15.05.05::04:13]
fritz_da_kat [15.05.05::04:20]
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So that I can read your posts ... - sprytaen [15.05.05::07:08]
Hmm.. the raddest thing I've ever done..

In high school, I was kind of seeing this guy. And we were at his house after school, but he wasn't supposed to have people over. Mom came home early and I had no way to get out of his house but to jump out of a second story window.

So I did.

The End. :D

Now can I be added?
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Re: So that I can read your posts ... - tyrven [15.05.05::07:13]
That's awesome. OK adding you :)
Re: So that I can read your posts ... - sprytaen [15.05.05::07:18]
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masque__ [28.05.05::09:04]
sang on stage and watched someone cry.

found you through friendster, read your interests, noticed similarities.
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tyrven [31.05.05::01:31]
Added you, as you know. What's your email address on Friendster?
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nightsinger [29.05.05::11:33]
Well, this isn't done yet, but it will be inside a month, so maybe it'll count.

I'm getting married to a gay man on the 21st of June, with a traditional Pagan handfasting. We've got our rings, my mother is making my dress, he's got his outfit. Both of our families know we're getting married -- his entire side knows he's gay, my mother does, too (Daddy doesn't, but that's for the best). We're planning on having children (we're starting to pick out names, and I'm not even pregnant yet), we're planning on buying houses, we're planning to live the rest of our lives together.

Just like a fairytale romance. Only he's gay, so we'll both be sleeping with other men. (And possibly women, for me.)
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tyrven [31.05.05::01:32]
Out of curiousity, how does he qualify as gay if he's marrying and fucking you? It sounds more like an open-bi-marriage? Just curious :). Regardless, that's wonderful to have found someone you feel comfortable not only marrying but also having an open relationship with.
nightsinger [31.05.05::05:53]
tyrven [31.05.05::01:33]
nightsinger [31.05.05::05:59]
pacie [29.05.05::11:24]
The raddest thing i've ever done..

I'm one of those people that sometimes does things just to do it. Just to experience. I like to try most things at least once.

But here's a few:
Snowboarding at Mt.Hood in August. Nothing beats snowboarding in 80 degree weather
One month before moving to seattle I decided to move here. I just said, time to move..and got rid of most of my stuff and one month later I was here (moved from alaska).
when I was in amsterdam last december I openly smoked pot at a cafe, bought and ate shrooms, and did a few other things that are illegal in the US but considered fine there.
I drank absinthe in Germany.
I used to live in Japan, and vacation in korea.
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tyrven [31.05.05::04:50]
I'm just about to start my world travels this year and am looking forward to it. I'm looking to move to guatemala first then Amsterdam and later Ghana. After that I'll probably end up in the middle east, but I'm not thinking that far ahead.

Anyway, I've added you. Also: you look familiar. I think I've ome across you somewhere (perhaps Friendster or some community site like that).
pacie [31.05.05::04:57]
tyrven [31.05.05::05:06]
pacie [31.05.05::05:12]
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mmmichellebelle [04.06.05::04:11]
you can go to the elysian tommorra night after nine.
take photos of my going away party,
a lot of ppl you know will be there.
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tyrven [05.06.05::01:55]
Sorry I missed this, Michelle. It'd have been good seeing everyone. When do you leave town? You should come to my party on Friday; it's going to be a lot of fun.