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20.01.10 Wednesday
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baidy [08.06.05::01:33]
you're friends with most of my friends and whenever I see your icons in comments I freeze for a moment. I don't know why. So today, after I snapped back to reality. I clicked your name, followed you here and have lost nearly an hour (at work) looking at your photographs. You have nearly 500 of the raddest things people have ever done... do you really wanna hear another?

I'm adding you.
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tyrven [08.06.05::02:55]
I do want to hear another, but I can take a rain check for a later date. You owe me, though. I, to note, also freeze when I see comments from myself; normally this is me fearing to read what I might have written in a sleep deprived or drunken state. Not that I don't have a big mouth in the most lucid of states but I like to at least psychologically prepare myself for the onslaught of flames when I speak my mind. ;-)
killing more time at work - baidy [08.06.05::03:55]
ex_apalefire749 [08.06.05::06:57]
I should have known you were also an LJ-er because you are just too cool. Anaïs here, from the OkCupid-addictive-test site, I think you mentioned a kidnapping plot and conversation followed by making out so here I am.
So, raddest thing I've ever done. Well, here's a story about how I figured out I was bi. I was at a party at my house and it was kind of boring, the usual conversations about things no one really cares about. I wander into my bedroom and sit in my closet, all dressed up but not wanting to really talk to anyone. My friend Judith comes in and sits down next to me, and next thing I know, we're kissing and holding each other and just being very connected for that moment in time.
I must mention that I was 6 when this happened, and it was my birthday party. I've just been a free spirit from the start I guess.
Add me? If you do, you get to hear the oh-so-rad story of how I attempted to seduce the older Russian gentleman who I would see every day in a local bookstore.
Take care,
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tyrven [14.06.05::05:39]
I want to here the seduction story!
Ah. - ex_apalefire749 [14.06.05::10:33]
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scifigal [13.06.05::06:55]
Your journal is AMAZING!!! I'm friends with scrivenerx and timuri and belovedrooster I <3 your pictures and would love to be added.
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tyrven [14.06.05::05:39]
Thank you! I've added you :)
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keuller [14.06.05::10:56]
well, mr. jeremy, the raddest thing i have ever done was to blow up a car and get it on video. that or tattooing "yummy down on this" on my thigh in binary.

just add me so i'll know when you finally post the pictures from your shindig last week. i'm wondering how hot and heavy our little photo session turned out....
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tyrven [15.06.05::05:10]
Unfortunately, my harddrive crashed this morning so I lost most of my recent photos. It's a bummer. I have yet to determine if I'll be able to recover any of them. The photosession wouldn't have been appropriate for posting to my journal but I can assure you that it was top quality; truly astonishing feats rarely caught on film. It's primarily for those shots that I will attempt to recover the data on my harddrive -- such contributions to society are beyond value.
alightinside [15.06.05::12:23]
i'd have to say that having the ability to summon demons to spear me in the knee and make me bleed spontaneously is pretty badass.

thanks for all your hospitality to two amazingly awesome stangers (although the coagulation automatically makes me the cooler one).

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tyrven [15.06.05::05:06]
I'm going to add you to my friends list such that I might effectively cyberstalk you. I must admit, the demon summoning was beyond expectation. I secretly resent you for stealing my thunder; had it not been for your parlor trick, my midnight festivities would have been the talk of the party.
xradiostatic [21.06.05::03:16]
found your lj through fotografia_, and i have to say that your photos are just awesome. could i be added please?

the raddest thing i've ever done is....i have no clue.
i never do anything crazy. :(
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tyrven [23.06.05::06:35]
I so added you. And you should hang out with people like me more often, then you'd have crazy stories to tell.
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langston [27.06.05::01:28]
The raddest thing I've done is jump out of an airplane. Anyways, I talked with you Friday night about setting up an LJ counter, would you help me through the code? I am teh dumb.
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crystaljoelle [28.06.05::08:06]
I've done many rad things, yet have written few down. Here's one in print: I wrote a Shakespearian sonnet for my best friend (who was the only person I ever loved romantically) in the creative writing class we had together, then showed it to him as if to ask him to critique it. He wrote notes in the liners, completely oblivious to who the poem was about, and some of his comments were hilariously critical. I'll show you the poem if you like; it's no soddy, sappy greeting card, I promise. Farewell.
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tiff_seattle [03.07.05::05:52]
I've never done anything rad. I added you anyways.
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tyrven [04.07.05::01:34]
Everyone has done SOMETHING rad. Adding you back.
Just a little bit, though. - riotingpacifist [09.07.05::09:26]
Developed self-confidence.
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Re: Just a little bit, though. - tyrven [09.07.05::09:52]
(Anonymous) [15.07.05::12:19]
I think the raddest things I have done involve doing nice things for other people. I like to surprise people and do random nice things to show my appreciation, like writing a letter to the manager of a gas station to give praise to the gas attendant who made me smile.

That stuff makes me feel good. So it is rad.
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Blogs are more than kinda silly. - carrieann [18.07.05::02:01]
I know people who know people who know things about other people.

Therefore, it's only natural that I add you.

As for my "raddest thing", I had a small human pulled from my stomach once. That was pretty rad. Or there's the time with the midgets and the tacos and the one-legged chimpanzee. But that was really more terrifying than rad.

In closing, "I had a stick of Carefree gum, but it didn't work. I felt pretty good while I was blowing that bubble, but as soon as the gum lost its flavor, I was back to pondering my mortality." Man, I miss that guy.
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Re: Blogs are more than kinda silly. - tyrven [18.07.05::08:00]
Raddest thing: that totally reminds me of this scene in Alien. I wanted to have a child but the doctor told me that my hips weren't wide enough. I'M SO ADDING YOU BACK.
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citypictures [23.07.05::12:14]
This is my new, SECRET journal. Full of SECRET things and SECRET news.

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tyrven [23.07.05::08:09]
I LIKE secrets.
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gracilejenn [23.07.05::11:44]
I think the raddest thing I've ever done would be...hmmm. All the things I think are rad really only prove how big a nerd I am. But I'm a girl nerd, so that's pretty cool. Therefore, the raddest thing I've ever done was be myself.
The raddest thing I've NEVER done was the time the Dead Milkmen invited me on their tour bus to *take them on a tour of the city* I was so naive I thought that's what they really wanted. A friend of mine pulled me off the bus steps and told me what was really going on. So yeah, sometimes my *innocence* can be pretty rad.
I will warn you, lately all my journal entries are about my disgusting roommate and his disgusting sheriff sex on my couch.
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tyrven [24.07.05::12:03]
"Disgusting sheriff sex" - sounds exciting, ha! And, hey, maybe the Dead Milkmen really DID want just want a tour...? I mean, what else would they want??
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iwant2tasteyou [26.07.05::06:54]
i'd love to be added
i have taken the liberty of adding you, but if my journal isn't something you're interested in, i most certainly can remove you from my list...

anyway, i don't know about the raddest...but i can tell you the most unrad thing i've ever done: broke both my ankles the night i graduated from high school. there could be a good story there, but there isn't. i lost my footing on a step.

the raddest thing probably has something to do with academics or sex.