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20.01.10 Wednesday
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elleellen [28.07.05::07:40]

The raddest thing I've ever done:

Gave my bosses the figurative finger (the good thing about giving the figurative finger is that you can give so many at once), sold and gave away almost everything I owned, packed everything else in my car, and drove across the country to move to a city where I had no idea what I'd be doing, and didn't know anyone. Three weeks ago.

I'd like to be added! Your interests are interesting, and I like your style.
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tyrven [28.07.05::06:49]
I completely respect that. I am planning on moving to Guatemala at some point and definitely understand the courage it takes to dismiss your roots and go to a place where you have no contacts; I haven't taken the dive yet, and totally respect that you have. Welcome.
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a few things - gfrancie [30.07.05::06:07]
-kayak 30 miles in three days.
-pull a knife on my Father. After that he never hit me again. Except once he grabbed me by the neck and I told him he was dead to me. We never spoke again.
-Met Mr. Jenner.
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photos - mmmichellebelle [13.08.05::07:49]
can you take photos of me and little michelle before i go back to chicago.
like, if we all went out for a bottle of wine or something?
our friend ship needs to be well documented as she is about to move to new york.
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Re: photos - tyrven [18.08.05::10:48]
Sure, of course. That sounds like fun. My schedule is pretty flexible next week just let me know when you want to do this. When do you go back to Chicago? Also, you two are welcome to come to my party tomorrow.
Re: photos - mmmichellebelle [19.08.05::07:56]
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lauraisatramp [27.08.05::06:42]
I'm just looking to read about the bathroom caper photo shoot story.

If you'd like, how about you just "friend" me for a 24-hour window so I can read about that one day, and then nothing else without pre-granted permission?

...I think this is one of the greatest ideas I've ever hatched.
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tyrven [27.08.05::07:01]
lauraisatramp [30.08.05::08:56]
Add me, please?!?! - tangeryne [28.08.05::04:12]
Dropped everything I knew and loved to move halfway across the world with my best friend, serorobele.

Ok, the real reason is that I want to be able to look at your photos. You're my (and Torri's) hero!
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Re: Add me, please?!?! - tyrven [31.08.05::07:07]
Flattery works well ;-) hah! And I think that's fantastic... hopefully one of these days I'll come and visit y'all out there. For now, though, I'm off to Belize (my plane leaves in four hours). I've added you.
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me and my moog - takeonpink [13.09.05::02:33]
i once found myself bumbling to alex kapranos from franz ferdinand (they were totally hot then) all about the jewish temple in jerusalem and how it was destroyed 2000 years ago or whatever and how theres this day of mourning and how his show was on that day and thats why i couldnt come. so awkward. in a good way. once i stumbed, drunk, upon a posse of anarchist skinheads late one night in the lower east side, who were sitting with their pitbull and a guitar. i was like, heyyy can i sing something? do you know any oasis? on and becky and once crashed every private room of this karaoke place on avenue a. opened the door on all these hair gel people from jersey or something. got em to dance.
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pastdue [20.09.05::09:48]
i abandoned my former journal meteredlines some time ago and happened to log in recently to check something and realized how much i missed both your photography and your unique outlook on the world. i think i said jumping out of planes last time, so maybe i'll keep with the flying thing and say going up in a blackhawk and accompanying some guard folks on military manuevers. not the life for me, but it was a trip to experience vicariously.
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raddest think i've ever done: - leeloolala [23.09.05::11:00]
make a human in my very own belly.

and it appears i am inviting myself to your gay sex party -- though i have no idea where it is.

does it help my chances if i tell you that i sleep with chicks?

cuz, well, i do.
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Re: raddest think i've ever done: - tyrven [23.09.05::11:32]
It does help that you sleep with chicks, although it'd help a lot more if that's how you got knocked you up. I mean, it's pretty rad that you made your own baby but it'd be a lot radder if a woman was the father. I've been a big proponent of making the roles of mother and father equal opportunity but people keep pulling this biological restrictions bullshit with me. We'll never get over sexual inequality until we stop making excuses and start sharing responsibilities. Like why doesn't my wife ever beat me? It just seems to unfair.
Rad - shannahmae [28.09.05::06:12]
Not sure if this is rad or just plain freaky, but I once spoke in tongues at a Christian camp in high school. Definitely one of the strangest experiences I've had. Hmmm...what rad things have I done recently....I did some pole dancing the other day, and now I'm all bruised up. Being rad is rough.
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Re: Rad - tyrven [28.09.05::05:00]
I've always wondered about that. I've heard people speak in tongues and it is freaky. Are you religious (still) -- and if so, do you believe it comes from God? Or do you think it has a more biological/psychological source? It's very curious.

I've added you.
Re: Rad - shannahmae [29.09.05::04:22]
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sarcasticwriter [23.01.06::01:27]
Whoops, wasn't careful enough about my first comment.

You got recommended to one of my friends as somebody worth reading by huffines. I've looked over your public posts, and I'm interested in reading more!
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sarcasticwriter [23.01.06::01:32]
Just noticed a trend in your comments - was I supposed to mention doing something "rad" as part of the audition process here?

One of the raddest things I've ever done was call the fire marshall on my high school in order to get the crappy assemblies shut down.

They were cramming too many people into the gym, exceeding the posted capacity limits, and after I called the marshall from the school's pay phone, the school itself and the principal were fined and the assemblies had to be run twice, which made it easy to ditch both.

They spent months looking for the mysterious caller, and never found her. It is my legacy.
tyrven [02.03.06::03:55]
tyrven [02.03.06::03:51]
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electronicoffee [28.02.06::12:23]
hey dude, it's electronicoffee from yelp
I'm elite also :) we should be friends..
doesn't hurt you're cute.
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tyrven [02.03.06::03:47]
I'm flattered :). Adding you.
electronicoffee [02.03.06::06:03]
tyrven [02.03.06::11:57]
exorcism - electronicoffee [03.03.06::12:34]
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kenatent [08.03.06::03:40]

(I ran into one of yours on the crescimento journal.)
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Just an FYI - anosako [11.03.06::06:52]
I've seen you around and about (and recently saw what you sent to jameth lolz), so I'm just gonna be a nice person and let you know I'm keeping tabs on you :) tata!
skyvillain [24.03.06::06:27]
do you mind if I add you?
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tyrven [24.03.06::09:06]
No, of course not... hi :)
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hematomaalice [12.04.06::09:50]
Give me access, you swine!
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tyrven [13.04.06::01:39]
I so already added you last night! I'm one step ahead of you ;-)
hematomaalice [13.04.06::03:44]