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20.01.10 Wednesday
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(Anonymous) [26.04.06::06:47]
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tyrven [26.04.06::08:29]
Gladly. You seem interesting.
shamless self pormoting! - battlestarghey [10.06.06::12:01]
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Re: shamless self pormoting! - tyrven [10.06.06::12:10]
I like these graphics. As an aside, you left the 500th comment on this thread.
push_the_limits [21.06.06::03:44]
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tyrven [21.06.06::07:57]
Of course :). As an aside, I find LiveJournal a much more natural way to get to know someone than email/messaging. That's my main problem with sites like OKCupid.
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sarahinvegas [22.06.06::06:38]
hello. Although I mocked AC's giggle, I added you based on popcultureicon's opinion that you sound like him. Oh, and you seem popular, I like that in an lj.
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choucroute [18.07.06::05:33]
I added you because I think your photography is amazing. You can add me back if you want, but I won't feel bad if you don't ;)

Also, I think you're hot and should have stumbled upon your lj when I was living in Seattle a few years back. *nod*
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tyrven [14.10.06::03:39]
I'm adding you back because you have icons with Gir, Calvin and a chocobo!
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grettaelizabeth [10.10.06::11:11]
Hey, creepy camera guy! You took half-nudie pictures of me at Katie's sorority party and I freaked out. Yeah, that was me. Now I want to be LJ friends, so I can find out if you are actually creepy or not. Liz S. vouches for you, but I will be the judge.
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tyrven [14.10.06::03:37]
I can guarantee that I'm at least as creepy as I come across when leering at half naked girls behind a lens. Welcome.
grettaelizabeth [14.10.06::09:33]
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Yadda, yadda, yadda - rrhexis [28.12.06::08:56]
I used to read your angsty late 20's drivel, then I got tired of it, now I want to read it again. Are you thirty yet? If not you must be close.
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Re: Yadda, yadda, yadda - tyrven [28.12.06::11:31]
Ha! I can respect that. And yup - turned thirty in October.
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"Rad"is Still Used in the PacNW Vernacular? - wolfwoman2003 [09.01.07::06:58]
I find this totally amusing and it makes me very happy. Perfectly good words should never go out of style!

Take, fer instance, the word "kype" (about 2/3 of the way down, under the heading of Put That Back!). This is a word that I picked up in the 2nd grade (circa 1962), out on the playground of Sunset Elementary School in Shoreline. It means, in the jargon of kids, to filch, pilfer, swipe or steal. "Miss Atkins? Tim Sullivan kyped my hopscotch marker, and now he won't give it back." You know....

By the time that I got into the 11th grade, we all became aware of racial slurs, and I think kype must have sounded too much like something else (rhymes with bike but starts with a "K"), and it became to fall into disfavour in its usage. Much like describing someone as being niggardly would get someone into horrible trouble, even though it only means stingy or miserly. (Hmmmm....perhaps Michael Richards was only calling those hecklers in that comedy club a couple of cheapskates....)

Well, just last night, whilst I was going through some old boxes here at my Dad's, I found an ancient cigar box that I instantly recognised. It was where I kept important notes and other writings when I was 15 or 16! I thought this thing was buried in the Midway Landfill somewhere, courtesy of me Ma's obsessive cleaning and her need to deep-6 the stuff that I cherished as a teenager.

Of course I read all the ancient scribblings, laughing at some of it, and getting all misty-eyed over the rest of it. I noticed that I really ised "kype" a lot, and remembered others using it a lot back then, too. I still use it, on occasion, but I'm sure no one knows what the hell it means any longer. It's really a great word, and is fairly unique to the Pacific NW, fer some reason. It apparently also means, "the distinctive hooked jaw that male salmon develop during spawning", but I've never used it with that meaning.

So....why the hell am I babbling on endlessly about archaic NW slang?

Because, the RADDEST thing that I've ever done, has been my attempt to re-introduce it into the modern vernacular of Pacific Northwesterners! It's part of our collective verbal heritage, as denizens of the NW corner of the US map. We need to take it back and make it our own again. C'mon!! Are you guys with me here? I mean..."grungy" was a hugely common term for dirty or filthy in Seattle in the 60s (U-District on Northward), and look what that evolved into.

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Re: "Rad"is Still Used in the PacNW Vernacular? - wolfwoman2003 [09.01.07::07:07]
I so totally can't tell the links from the regular text. They're there, but just in case others are as blind as me...


Niggardly: that my snoozer of a comment will at least make more (?) sense.

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spilledpills [05.07.07::12:50]
hi doll..i found you in a seattle also in seattle and im looking for friends who are local to to add,luv?
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anosako [21.07.07::04:31]
well now, it seems we all lurk in the same circles.


as to the raddest thing I have ever done, two things to be exact:

1. traveled to japan at 17 on scholarship for a summer
2. held my baby sister when she was young when our parents were fighting in the next room over. she remembers that night, to this day.

that's all for now.
crazy libra :)
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i don't know how to love - uncelestial [06.08.07::11:57]
msg = (beingLJFriends==wouldBeWarranted) ? "Nice, although this still doesn't mean I like you" : "Touchy! God, get over yourself.";
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greetings....I was xpaerimtlslaekv in my last I exist here...... - paedimonic_lim [10.08.07::11:10]


would still lov to colloboraete when in seattle, which I am now....and will be for the next couple of months.....
from my journal...
"gesso babies[spines], anxious, giddy..courtly- mock and writ the spire, of..................................................
druken chicanery, he's a skithee chap, tip the lips and leave me flips, for I drink a toast to thee, like a watch in the pocket, ...we wears the pin to bite, ....

balibali bees!....billi bees drinking puptible teas for psychobilli
bove betters for little orbits of billitrees...
.....'you're so ..cute.....worrynever"...
[ibbili bibbili boot..]"

you're a beaudifl well....

I exist here:

be well.....!ibbitibibbitibell..
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some more artwork for you....[ I get so excited....!hehe.... - paedimonic_lim [10.08.07::11:18]

sorry to take up so much space.....I get so excited.......!Ijust wanted to wish you well....
be well....



reiteraetion of mybest pieces......

loverdibees, a giftin'threes...beedibeedi..babies licking gesso promolgamies of canned mimies...

someincongruiti...but ...

....(promogulaeted promaegaemies of canned. bidimi.mimies.tillitillitigulis, ionic.idis piguouls of tatters...tiguoulated into eyes like....shafts graced upon the decanter, impulsing on the...pressurepath ofcontinuiti'ventricels...and to her legs she smiled while light graced the corneal underneath,....)....

nmeumoni impulse enapsisofion loss, liticgloss

reiteraetionof best pieces....
.....|.|.|.|.|ii.igit i

thank you.....again, sorry to take up so much space....I just wanted to wish you well..........

And if you would like to colloboraete on some work....i would lov....
you're a beaudifl well...
Re: greetings....I was xpaerimtlslaekv in my last I exist here...... - paedimonic_lim [12.08.07::12:49]
Re: greetings....I was xpaerimtlslaekv in my last I exist here...... - paedimonic_lim [12.08.07::12:50]
hiro_antagonist [16.01.08::02:59]
I'm incrementing your post :P

Seriously though, I dig the cut of jib. Or the cut of your rant, as it were ( is my old journal).

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painted_dreams [11.07.08::05:29]
Terrific photos... One of my passions is photography but I don't think I am terribly skilled with the camera.

Anyway I've added you..
What Did you mean? - (Anonymous) [20.09.08::02:13]
Georgia Offers Fresh Evidence on War’s Start
A new front has opened between Georgia and Russia, now over which side was the aggressor whose military activities early last month ignited the lopsided five-day war. At issue is new intelligence, inconclusive on its own, that nonetheless paints a more complicated picture of the critical last hours before war broke out.
Georgia has released intercepted telephone calls purporting to show that part of a Russian armored regiment crossed into the separatist enclave of South Ossetia nearly a full day before Georgia’s attack on the capital, Tskhinvali, late on Aug. 7.