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20.01.10 Wednesday
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raddest - fierce313 [31.01.04::10:52]
um, well, the raddest thing i've ever done so far is not lay down and die just because I got married. I guess it is preparing to leave my husband. It is very adventourous, if you have lived to avoid bloddy conflict up until now.
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Re: raddest - tyrven [31.01.04::11:11]
Marriage.... >sigh<... well, good luck in your adventure! It is certainly brave to have the objectivity to make that decision. Welcome to my journal.
Re: raddest - fierce313 [02.02.04::06:24]
Re: raddest - tyrven [02.02.04::12:47]
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Rad things eh, i used to think they were rad, not so much anymore, but the rush, now that was pure! - l3gi0n [03.02.04::05:08]
Rad for the time. I have always been a bit conservative, in dress, political position, and just life in general. Well, there were a slew of times, only one of which i will write, where a friend and i were talking on the phone (10th grade if memory serves) and it was late at night, apx 10:30. We decided we wanted to hang out and that we would meet by the popeyes chicken about half way between our houses. neither of us had a car so we both walked and we arrived at aproximately the same time. Popeyes was open, though thats not where we went, rather we diceided to take a stroll along 163rd street, a major street in our area (North Miami Beacj, fl) While walking along we notice a tire laying on the side of the road, not really anything peculiar about it, just an ordinary tire. From nothing the idea springs into our head, that this tire would probably have a lot more fun if it were in the middle of the road, well ofcourse we were the nice people who were going to help this tire find his way there in an efficient manner. Once done, and we were back on the sidewalk wew noticed that the tire was not where we thought it should be (3 lane road, numbered from left to right, it was on the line diving lanes 1 and 2) and the line was just not good enough. I said, "i got it" and put the tire where it belonged, square in the middle of lane 1. But at this point there was a car reasonably close to the tire (say about 100-200 feet, close enought to see what was going on, on a well lit street) Anyhow this noble user decided that our efforts were completly unwanted, and by the time they reached the tire (in a car ofcourse) we were several yards from our original position. They speedily turned into the parking lot where we were walking away and jumped out of the car. Next thin g my friend and i knew we were running for our lives from a large man chasing after us. It was the most horrifything thing i had myself caused to that point in my life. We were running through parking lots of strip malls along the street, jumping hedges and running around corners looking back to see if our doom was imminent at every opportunity. Luckily enough adrenaline was plentiful and we outran our asailant, though we were scared of white older cars for the rest of the night, as we walked home along this road. Not exactly rad in retropect, but there was plenty more to come. Though i give you this above the more daring juvinile persuits because it was the first, the one which started it all.
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Re: Rad things eh, i used to think they were rad, not so much anymore, but the rush, now that was pu - tyrven [07.02.04::11:25]
It's amazing how the Bodhisattva are so often treated with contempt and anger. Your noble efforts to help the tire achieve enlightenment through realization of its dharma are admirable and should be rewarded, but those blinded by their hatred clearly cannot see past this. I've friended you; welcome to my journal.
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poeticpromise [03.02.04::04:43]
the raddest thing i've done...

i dont know, everything is overshadowed by things i did with my ex girlfriend. eh never really loved anyone that much. havn't really cared about many things since then.

about a year ago. go me.

but yeah... next best thing... going over a 7 foot jump on my bike at the age of 13, landing on the seat and ripping my shorts in half, along with my boxers, and riding 3 miles home, more than likely exposed 1/2 the time. that was interesting.
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Re: - tyrven [07.02.04::11:31]
I gave a presentation at a dinner in New York to, essentially, the who's who of New England's old money. When I was done, I returned to my seat to notice that my fly was undone. It was embarassing, although I don't think I was truly exposed. Not like I was the other day during my stunt on the Superbowl...

I understand what you mean about your ex-girlfriend; it would be easier to get over relationships if we could forget all of the positive events =). Good luck with that. And welcome to my journal.
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Re: - poeticpromise [10.06.04::04:47]
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joannemerriam [05.02.04::07:03]
I guess that would be going to see the polar bears (not in a zoo, in the wild, the account is here). They are really beautiful in a very dangerous kind of way. Other rad things I've done: seen an underground waterfall, tasted real absinthe (it tastes like mouthwash), and stood on one of the largest icefields in the world twice. I saw the whole circle of a rainbow from above once. I quit my job to backback across the country and then to write about it. Does any of this count?

This is a really cool list to read, by the way, everybody's rad moments.
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Re: - tyrven [07.02.04::11:34]
Wow... I'm going to have to read through those! Sounds like your journal will be full of adventure. You also get rad points for being from Halifax. Darling user icon, by the way. Welcome to my journal.
rad! - agenbiteofinwit [06.02.04::03:53]
dove headfirst into the amazon river (in peru).

(subsequently, I got scared and then clamored back onto the boat and refused to get back into the scary cayman-ridden water)

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Re: rad! - tyrven [07.02.04::11:35]
That's intense. The Amazon scares me. Truly. I hope to make it down there sometime, but large insects and creepy water animals really frighten me. Those fears will have to pretend they don't exist, I suppose. Welcome.
your pictures are good... :) - examinemyheart [12.02.04::07:00]
so the raddest thing i've ever done...there are tons, cause i'm so rad :( (that is sarcasm)
well i can say that i've done toe touches off cliff jumps of about 20 feet :) thats pretty rad. and i used to play the oboe. thats just wierd...but check out my site :) i'm adding you. I know Megan. she's a doll!
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Re: your pictures are good... :) - tyrven [12.02.04::07:09]
Any friend of Megan's is a friend of mine. I like the photos on your site, by the way. I'm adding you as well; welcome!
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djnancygirl [12.02.04::09:15]
i added you.

raddest thing:

i grew up on a farm. my parents had a working raspberry field and every summer the high school kids picked the berries. when i was about five, i woke up every morning and walked to the field in tears because my mom left us with a babysitter, and, although she was about 300 yards away from the house, i felt horrible separation anxiety. so one special morning i wake up and start walking to the field in my night gown in tears. half way there my dad comes running up behind me. i got up too early. they were still in bed. it was probably ~4am. they felt bad. very bad. i won.

but that isn't really a rad thing because it was reflex.

i did my senior thesis on bats in college. that was pretty rad. i got my degree in wildlife science.
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Re: - tyrven [12.02.04::09:20]
That's so sad! And as for bats... have you ever been to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles? They have a permanent exhibit there on bats whose sonar is of a frequency that, effectively, allows them to go through solid matter. It's true. That they have the exhibit, at least. I love that place so much. What's an interesting bat fact tht I probably don't know? Also, do you like raspberries? Oh, and I'm adding you as well; welcome.
Re: - djnancygirl [12.02.04::09:39]
Re: - tyrven [12.02.04::09:26]
hey tyrven, interesting journal u have... - (Anonymous) [15.02.04::04:56]
hi tyrven, i listen to christian music...
have you heard about The Passion? it's a movie about the last hours of Jesus' life before the Crucifixion - i've heard a lot of good things about it, and i agree after seeing the trailers...

Here's some links I found

Some trailers (

Information (

The Passion of the Christ (flash) (
Other trailers (
It will be out on Ash Wednesday, February 25th in the United States.
later tyrven,
  - Donna
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"There are a lot of innocent people being crucified" - tyrven [15.02.04::01:13]
I'm trying to figure out if this comment is for real or just a really clever grassroots-esque advertising campaign; either way thank you for the information. I have naturally heard of the movie due to the media press it's contreversy has demanded, but I hadn't seen any actual trailers or screenshots; I appreciate the information. Despite my distaste for blood and gore I have a minor obsession with crucifiction and likewise think that Jesus was a pretty kick ass man. I can't wait to see it!

Have you seen The Last Temptation of Christ or Jesus Christ Superstar? These are not only my two favorite Jesus movies to date, but they're also in my top twenty five list of films. Strongly recommended.
Re: "There are a lot of innocent people being crucified" - margarethatcher [16.02.05::06:09]
Re: "There are a lot of innocent people being crucified" - tyrven [16.02.05::06:16]
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Knock knock knock? - serorobele [17.02.04::03:19]
Raddest thing? I don't know. Watched the sunset surrounded by baboons and crocodiles and elephants. Perfectly peaceful. But the real reason I'm writing is because you've been a bit MIA in the past few days and I wanted to make sure everything is ok and all that :) I miss you!
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Re: Knock knock knock? - tyrven [18.02.04::10:29]
Je suis mort. C'est tout bon cependant. Pas aussi mauvais qu'ayez le fil il à être. Je reviendrai au monde de la vie pour que la chance dine avec vous, cependant. Affaire ?
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the raddest thing I've ever done - brucebmax [17.02.04::07:42]
I think the raddest thing I ever did was 'stomp' a 'frontside 720 nosebone' infront of about 500 people at a contest in Chile. I ended up breaking my binding from the landing, cause it was about 8:00pm and rock hard conditions -Bruce
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Re: the raddest thing I've ever done - tyrven [18.02.04::01:04]
Bruce! Welcome!
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go greyhound - wuta [25.02.04::06:01]
Hello, I found your lj through serorobele, I just started a lj and am looking to add some friends.

When I was 18 I impulsively purchased a $200 greyhound ticket that allowed me to travel anywhere w/in 10 days. I told absolutely no one of my plans. I packed a backpack with some cds, walked from my dorm room to the bus station, got on the bus and went from Corvallis, OR to Boston, and then back to Corvallis, OR where I got off the bus, walked back to my dorm room, and returned to class. I would stop for an hr or so in each city to walk around a bit and observe, then head to the next destination. I slept briefly on the bus b/w cities, but mostly I was engaged in highly memorable conversation/interaction or self-reflection.
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Re: go greyhound - tyrven [25.02.04::12:17]
Wow, that's a wonderful story. I've only ridden Greyhound from Seattle to Spokane and that offered quite a bit of opportunity for "highly memorable conversation/interaction [and] self-reflection"; I can only imagine what ten days through various cultures and with a constant change of passengers would provide. Definitely a worthy experience for the title "raddest thing you've ever done". Anyway, welcome to LiveJournal! I've added you.
Re: go greyhound - wuta [25.02.04::02:43]
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runwithyou [02.03.04::06:38]
i don't know you, but i found you through blackswan. and i liked your little introduction.

the raddest thing i've ever done:
dropped out of university and left my future of a stable career behind, to become a chef. a pastry chef?
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tyrven [03.03.04::04:39]
I love pastries. Welcome.
runwithyou [05.03.04::07:53]
tyrven [05.03.04::07:56]
runwithyou [05.03.04::08:01]
The e-mail you never replied to... - (Anonymous) [05.03.04::06:14]
The raddest thing I´ve ever done was meeting this guy via e-mail, when I was trying to find a way to learn gaelic. He wasnt that helpful at all on this process, but I started to enjoy our sort of long distant and sporadic talks.

I dont even know what does "raddest" mean (it´s greek to me!), I wish I had the same fluency and perfect command of words that I have in my maternal language (spanish), to express the things in the precise way and release myself form this lack of words, but words fail me, once again... I´m in a disadvantageous postion here.

I just wanted to ask why, "oh why!", you never replied to my last e-mail? Man, how come?? Yes, it´s true, we havent actually "met-met", we are not even "friends-friends", but it was my birthday, I would have being happy at least with one single word on return ("congratulations!" would have worked).

Is it so bad or dull, or monotonous, or boring to have a long-distance friend? Yeah, you have many, but not a single one from Venezuela... think about it! It has its advantages J...

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Re: The e-mail you never replied to... - tyrven [05.03.04::02:26]
I feel so bad. <excuse>I've been horribly behind on my email and anything I don't get to within a week seems to fall behind into a limbo state of lost emails lately</excuse>. That aside, let me say honestly that I truly do cherish our correspondence and, in fact, have often relayed many of the interesting things we've talked about. That said, I promise you this: I will get back to that lost email, although it may be a while as I am truly quite far behind. Likewise, starting a LiveJournal account isfree and it'd be neat if you started one; I do post relatively often to my journal and while it's not as interesting or personal as individual correspondence it exposes perhaps a different side of people (and likewise in turn, if you're so inclined to explore the medium).

Re: The e-mail you never replied to... - (Anonymous) [09.03.04::06:56]
Re: The e-mail you never replied to... - tyrven [09.03.04::12:19]
hello_smashing [13.03.04::09:36]
i found your journal through the fotografia_ community. im not a member, but i just watch it. i noticed that you actually gave intelligent, well thought-out criticism. and then i clicked on you, and found your journal etc etc etc. ive just briefly perused it but am interested enough to add you. raddest thing ive ever done...hmmmm.
when i was little i dug a hole in my backyard all the way to china. yep. so many kids try, but i was the only one who succeeded.
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tyrven [14.03.04::06:40]
I don't know what to say. I'm in complete awe. I, like so many others, tried to dig that hole but after a couple of days gave up. Perhaps you'll divulge the secret. Was it the tools? Starting location? A creative mind? Or just pure determination? Regardless, I'm impressed. Welcome.

P.S., You've added my journal at a peculiar time; this silly interrogation will be over with by Friday, though, and then back onto my more typical entries.
hello_smashing [14.03.04::08:20]
tyrven [14.03.04::08:22]
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perfectweight78 [14.03.04::12:50]
I'm going to stop writing in this journal you may add my new one.