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20.01.10 Wednesday
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zutfromage [24.03.04::08:51]
good lord your photographs are beautiful.
as are you! :)
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tyrven [26.03.04::03:44]
Aww, wow thank you! I've added you to my journal even though you haven't told me the raddest thing you've ever done, mostly because I'm a sucker for flattery ;-). By the way, I see you're from Riverside; I was born in San Bernardino and spent much of my childhood in the valley.
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numba one hundred - misa [25.03.04::11:40]
I find it interesting how a lot of people tell stories of their raddest moment taking place in front of a crowd of such and such a number of people. I find this interesting because perhaps I've never been inclined to focus my acts of "bravery" to an arena of spectators... rather I think my raddest moments are by myself. I suppose to me, my raddest moment would be something like finishing the exhausting feat that was "The Brothers Karamazov" or just having some sort of epiphany while thinking to myself one day. I suppose I am very caught up in the simple and so I hope you agree that I am rad in my own sort of way.

I ventured here from seeing you comment many a time on carebearc's journal. You seem to have a lot of interesting ideas and things to say.
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Re: numba one hundred - tyrven [25.03.04::04:43]
That's a really interesting point. I agree that personal victories are far radder than public ones. At least the motivations are more pure. It's interesting how much we determine our self worth by the validation and acknowledgement of others. I'm as guilty of it as anyone (and could easily make an argument for why this is critical in a society) but at the same time there are few things more fulfilling than doing something for ourselves only.

Anyway, welcome... and you just beat out the lovely and talented republiqua for the title of Number 100 by at most a minute. Very bizarre.

I'm going to check out your journal now =).
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republiqua [25.03.04::11:41]
Once I went to England, I visited the Queen.
I swear she was the grandest lady that I've ever seen.
I told her she was beautiful and could not ask her more
and she handed me a sandwich and threw me out the door.

100th post! I think that in itself is pretty rad. What do you think?
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tyrven [25.03.04::04:37]
Through some strange entaglement of fate, misa managed to claim the 100th comment status from you by mere seconds (the email time stamps are the same, even). Nonetheless, 101 is an ellegant enough number. Regardless, welcome to my journal =). You can now see my far less interesting protected posts. I look forward to reading your entries.
republiqua [25.03.04::05:20]
tyrven [25.03.04::05:33]
ten paces... - misa [25.03.04::08:58]
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dot_commie [29.03.04::03:20]
hey - i'm applying for fotografia_, and it always impresses me how you take the time to make such thoughtful critiques. i would be mad grateful if you did that for mine...i need all the help i can get!

as for the raddest thing i've ever done...well, off the top of my head (it's too early for this): swim in the rainforest. and wrestle a bear in a creek in virginia.
food for thought. thought you might find this interesting - (Anonymous) [29.03.04::01:14],3604,1173938,00.html
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Re: food for thought. thought you might find this interesting - tyrven [29.03.04::01:30]
That is interesting. This is something I am always amazed by: while most liberals will acknowledge that the Democratic party isn't perfect, few are really infomed as to how similar the party is to the all-hated Republican party. Noam Chomsky has consistently done a good job exposing these similarities, particularly with Clinton (whos record in Haiti is far worse than Bush Sr's, despite the latter getting most of the blame for the situation) but, naturally, Liberal's are so desperate for a source of leadership that the cling blindly to the sweet-talking of the Democratic party. The fact of the matter is that no party can exist at the presidential level without a lot of money and most of the money in America is held by businesses and the individuals behind those businesses.
Re: food for thought. thought you might find this interesting - (Anonymous) [30.03.04::01:29]
Re: food for thought. thought you might find this interesting - tyrven [01.04.04::06:38]
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dizzyflower [30.03.04::03:22]
i would love to read about you if you;re willing to befriend?
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tyrven [01.04.04::03:22]
Of course ;-). You should still tell me why you're rad, though. Welcome.
Somebody wanted me to ban you. - serial_banner [02.04.04::11:32]
so I did!

Have a nice day!
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the coolest thing i've ever done - x8drea8x [04.04.04::01:36]
i'm not cool....
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Re: the coolest thing i've ever done - tyrven [04.04.04::04:03]
None of us are particularly cool. Or rad. All that matters if that you have a rad story. Everyone's done something rad in their lifetime. Sort of a 15 second of fame idea.
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chartyourway [05.04.04::12:47]
I can't remember how I got here. Random journal-jumping, I'm sure. Regardless, after perusing your journal and photographs and site for a little bit I worked my way back to this post and got carried away reading all of these comments from people about the raddest thing they've done, and I'm completely envious.

I'm wracking my memory for anything rad that I've done, and coming up blank; the most fun thing I've done, though not necessarily risky nor unique is a roadtrip with my friend to (coincidentally) Seattle last year. We've done two, one for just a couple days and one for nearly a week.

It's nothing great to anyone else, but it is to me. So it counts in my head. I'm adding you, if that's all right.
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chartyourway [05.04.04::12:55]
Wait, on second thought, something that is kind of unique: A class I took in high school, Stagecraft, it was called, had some lessons that were taught by someone outside of the school for stage makeup. Recreating fake injuries and trauma and such. Two experiences, scenarios offshooting from that were a staged drinking and driving-related car accident; victims made up with broken arms and lacerations and gaping wounds. Another was a simulated flight crash in assistance with a local community's fire and rescue squads, helping them to assess their reaction times and appropriate and proper treatments, etc.

Both made the local papers. That was pretty rad. I can still remember some of it and it makes me laugh a bit to realise how few people actually know that sort of thing. Of all the things I learned in high school, how to create a very realistic (fake) blood stands out among the top few pieces of knowledge retained.
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dresarii [08.04.04::11:03]
i find you and your journal considerably interesting.

raddest thing i've ever done?
had three open heart surgeries in just over a week and am now left with a ticking mechanical heart valve. can't shake a stick at that, eh?
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tyrven [08.04.04::09:04]
You have a nice sense of design; I like your journal. My protected entries, I am afraid, are not nearly as interesting as my public ones although they reflect other sides of me which may or may not be relevent. Nonetheless, you're welcome to view them; I've added you as a friend and will check out your journal in turn. Regards!
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sallybeatle [08.04.04::07:39]
this one time ... i stayed up way past midnight ... *snicker snicker*
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tyrven [08.04.04::08:43]
... naughty. Nonetheless, the blatant disregard for bed times is definitely admirable. Welcome; you've been added as a "Friend".
sallybeatle [08.04.04::10:05]
tyrven [08.04.04::10:08]
sallybeatle [08.04.04::10:11]
tyrven [08.04.04::10:15]
sallybeatle [08.04.04::10:18]
tyrven [08.04.04::10:30]
sallybeatle [08.04.04::10:40]
tyrven [08.04.04::10:48]
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eternalflamage [08.04.04::07:45]
let's see...first off, i'm in a sorority and i graduated from an uptight almost ivy league school that claims to have invented the phrase, "work hard, play hard" with my b.a. in music.

two...i'm a red head, and a leo.

three...i went to burningman, i'm narcissistic, obsessive compulsive, and just plain crazy. intrigue me.
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tyrven [08.04.04::08:40]
While my merit of intrigue is likely subjective to the limits of my superficial public entries and in turn the items in list point three may be shared by any number of existing friends on my journal, I'm certain that the qualifications of the first two points alone may uniquely identify your perspective in contrast to my current spectators of curiousity. With that, welcome to my journal; I've added you as a friend and look forward to learning just who you present yourself to be.
eternalflamage [08.04.04::09:04]
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readytorelease [08.04.04::10:58]
hi! you left a wonderful comment for me in the abstract thought community, so i thought i'd check out le olde journal & i like, i like.

Q: what is the raddest thing you've ever done?

A: wow. that's a hard one. so, i'll just say what first comes to mind. hot, july night, summer 2002. wine, stars, mountains, bonfire, music, wrestling, dancing, singing, shrimp & tossing old christmas decorations into the fire while smiling & shining unstoppably for hours.

also, raging against the machine 24/7/365. =O
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tyrven [09.04.04::05:30]
Right on :). Welcome!
readytorelease [09.04.04::05:55]
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_proofs [15.04.04::01:45]
Hi, I'm alison. The raddest thing I've ever done is stand up for myself.
now add me.
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tyrven [15.04.04::01:47]
I like your icon. Welcome.
labellapirata [16.04.04::05:10]
the raddest thing i ever did was check my first/annoucingfriendsonly journal entry and see one from you from 10 days ago and decide to come look.

also rad: i like polka dots and stripes.


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tyrven [19.04.04::03:15]
:) I'm adding you as a friend.