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20.01.10 Wednesday
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jargonese [19.04.04::02:31]
hello :)

i suppose the "raddest" thing i've ever done was to snorkel in the great barrier reef. nothing too exciting happens in my life, save the yearly extravagant vacations i go on. my most "not raddest" moment would have to be the last (and final) time i went to india, when i was so wonderfully blessed with pink eye, strep throat, influenza, and two allergic reactions that resulted in the shedding of all of my skin - all of this at the same time.
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tyrven [19.04.04::03:12]
The great barrier reef amazes me. I'd love to go there sometimes. I read this article once that was examining the topography of Australia and it just blew my mind; it's essentially shaped like a giant mushroom (as opposed to most islands which are more like mountains that slowly build up). I find that really disturbing.

I'd really like to go to India. I hope that doesn't happen to me. Ugh.

Anyway, welcome :)
(Anonymous) [19.04.04::07:00]
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tyrven [19.04.04::07:03]
Sounds good! I'll add you :)
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miss_irene [20.04.04::09:50]
you, sir, intrigue me.

it's a tough question, the raddest thing one has ever done. it implies a necessary decisive action on the part of the teller rather than a more passive role in a rad event.

1. raddest thing i've personally done - the best i can think of was one time i kidnapped a random strangers cat. with the best of intentions of course. it didn't have tags and had a weird gurgle when it breathed (so all the time). it was hanging around the dorms my first year of college. so i arranged with some friends to have the cat captured when next it was seen and brought to my dorm room for hiding. found a vet in lake city that would give me a reduced rate to treat the cat. got a friend to drive me and cat out there. put up signs around the neighborhood and after a week got a call from a very nice but very peeved young man who had his cat with a birth defect (extended palate or somesuch?) that caused it to gurgle but was not a danger to it's health. erm. hrm. i think he eventually forgave me since i was trying to do something nice.

2. just generally raddest experience:
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tyrven [22.04.04::11:00]
Someone once kidnapped a bicycle I had left outside my appartment without care for sometime. He left a note that said he was restoring it back to proper health and that if I wanted it back then to call him and he'd return it in perfect condition but that if I didn't call him he was going to keep it (it was a classic Schwinn bike). I wanted it back (and, in fact, am looking at paying a premium to replace it) but appreciated his willingness to fix it up for free (even based on the potential selfish benefits) and his care for the craft, so decided he deserved it more than I did.

Anyway, those are both good stories. I have a good Pioneer square story I should post at some point. Welcome to my journal :) I've added you back and look forward to reading your comments. I've "seen you around" (in comments) so it'll be interesting to find out more about the person behind those.
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meteredlines [24.04.04::03:53]
just by way of explanation of finding you, i got here through the rec of chartyourway.

as far as raddest thing i've ever done i'm not sure it's the raddest thing, it's super early in the morning and my brain's a little fuzzy but one of the coolest things by far was going sky diving. for the adrenaline rush, yes, but also because it was such an amazing shift in perspective to be up there, floating free above the earth and see it all around me going on for what felt life forever. twisting and tumbling and feeling the rush and roar of the air, how incredibly amazingly free it was, and totally peaceful.

it's really easy to see how people become addicted to it. it sort of tilts the way you see the world on edge for a few minutes.

and also, you know. wicked adrenaline rush.

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tyrven [24.04.04::12:28]
Wow, that's intense. I'm not sure I'd ever go skydiving but I can completely respect that need for a new perspective and definitely admire your ability to get over the body's natural inclination not to jump out of an airplane :). I love the idea of things that mess with our instincts; it's such a headgame knowing that we're (relatively) safe but still having that caveman warning system that kicks in when we read a scary book, watch a horror movie, go on a roller coaster or, in more extreme cases.... :) (not that those are even comparable, but the underlying concept seems related). Anyway, welcome!
(Anonymous) [25.04.04::12:25]
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tyrven [25.04.04::12:54]
Ha! That's too funny. Gladly; I'm sure you'll have something to add to my last post. Welcome.
prude [03.12.04::08:11]
tyrven [03.12.04::02:53]
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wearingabeanie [25.04.04::01:50]
so i found you through the "friends cut" entry nicole_prn posted, and i figured anyone interesting enough to be banned from someone's journal is worth getting to know, so i came to your journal to see what you're like, and found you to be very cool. do you like my commas? anyway,, i'd like to add you, so let me discuss the most exciting thing i've ever done. okay this will take a while as i have to think of it.

ok, will moving to american count? sure i was only six then, but i've never left a communist country before or since then and the whole celebration all the people on the plane pulled after we left russia was really cool. add me back?
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tyrven [25.04.04::03:03]
Oooh, a defector! That counts. When you were young did you play cops and robbers games where the Americans were the default bad guy? Welcome.
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trinityway [25.04.04::07:45]
Another Russian here.
Your journal is quite intriguing. It reminds me a mix of writing between Vonnegut, Nersesian, Orwell, and myself.

I never played with Americans as the bad guys. I was either a Japanese spy or Hitler's right hand woman. And now my goal is to work for the CIA... what do you know?
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Latex Madness - timuri [29.04.04::12:55]
I built a balloon sculpture of an Alien with Ripley's head in one hand and her body in the other. (This is just one of many freaky ass things I've made from balloons)

I also sang Twist and Shout at a karaoke night in the Superdome in front of 3000 people. That probably covers it.

Looking forward to reading more of your journals recommended through scrivenerx
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jessiesquash [30.04.04::03:41]
Is getting kicked out of the Taj Mahal rad or just gnarly??
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tyrven [30.04.04::03:43]
It's certainly one of the two (as is your lovely icon). What were the circumstances?
jessiesquash [30.04.04::05:33]
tyrven [30.04.04::08:56]
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insolent [03.05.04::01:12]
Interesting that I happened upon this. I remember you. We've never actually met, but we chatted quite a bit around, oh...four years ago? You shared my love for Neubauten and we chatted via Yahoo. This was/is me, though I never use the thing these days, I just let it sit.

Your journal entries intrigue me, much as you intrigued me four years ago. I'm curious if you remember me at all. Many things have changed in the past four years. I have many "rad" stories.

You going to the show on Weds.? And I would like to add you as a friend, but of course, only with your permission.

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well... - suddenity [05.05.04::03:12]
I can tell you the raddest thing I do. I write poetry. Some of it is actually good. I can think of few things more rad than good poetry. Strawberries, possibly, and the sense of touch... but really, very few.

It's more difficult to name the raddest thing I've done. I haven't done much in 18 years, how sad.

Um... um... Okay, I climbed a tree a few days ago? I know this isn't the type of thing being asked for, but it's the only kind I remember. It was windy and the tree swayed under me and I had the best joyful unsafe in-the-moment feeling ever.
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caulerpa_taxifo [06.05.04::01:28]
Hrmmm... I think the "raddest" thing I ever did was talk to God, don't believe me..?? *shrug* I don't care, not very many people do.. If you do, then PRAISE GOD!!! Do I need to go deeper in order for you to add me??? If so, then I will, just let me know......
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caulerpa_taxifo [06.05.04::01:29]
I forgot to say, that not only did I talk to him, but IT speaks back...
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finnekee [13.05.04::10:13]
one day i got a computer and wanted to be on tyrven's friendslist. the end. how rad.


i once saw a lady slapping her little toddler in the payless shoe source and went up to her as a 10 year old to ask her to stop. i have a bad memory; this is as rad as i can get right now.
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tyrven [13.05.04::12:36]
I like your icon :)
finnekee [13.05.04::02:01]
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fridayschild [15.05.04::10:19]
I think I want in...


Once, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, turned and walked away from my life, with nothing but my convictions.
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tyrven [16.05.04::09:47]
Hmmm.... very admirable! Welcome :)
fridayschild [17.05.04::09:02]