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20.01.10 Wednesday
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in_the_stars [19.05.04::08:37]
the raddest thing i have ever done is move to nyc for the summer to live with someone i kind of knew from school in a cocroach infested brookln apartment, but before i moved there i stayed in the hell's kitchen YMCA and then a friend's couch. i worked in central park on a play and sat in the sun under a popsicle umbrella yelling out lines as performers forgot them. we lived on pita bread and veggies and i found the best date bars in the universe at a little deli at astor place. that summer was the raddest thing i ever did - in record heat and humidity and i loved every minute of it! <3
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tyrven [20.05.04::12:13]
You know, I wouldn't say I have many regrets in life but one unfortunate tradeoff was that the dependency my business developed on me ended up tying me down a bit more than I'd have expected. This is precisely the type of thing I could see myself doing and yet never have. Now that I've been freed of some of my commitment and obligations, though, I'm anxious to get out and see new parts of the world... not just as a visitor, but more intimately (i.e., a few months here another couple there). Anyway, I think that's really fantastic. So many people talk about such adventures but never have the motivation to actually do them. Anyway, welcome :). I've added you.
in_the_stars [20.05.04::11:12]
tyrven [20.05.04::12:12]
insideoutart [28.05.04::11:37]
i'm posting here because i want to invite you to join the new photo community that I just started, itll_lastlonger. You brought so much to fotografia, and I really would like to have you as part of the community!
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tyrven [28.05.04::01:51]
I just saw this! Thanks for the specific invite, how flattering :). I'm excited to see where it goes. I really like the idea of separating out the application process; that's just a stroke of brilliance.
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Can I be in? - perfectlylegal [31.05.04::12:42]
The raddest thing I've ever done (and I'm still in the process of doing) is getting to know myself. I've spent so many years trying to get into the heads of others, asking questions, picking apart brains, that I never stopped to do it to myself. I believe that knowing myself, inside and out, is extremely important if I'm going to make it in this world. To be able to say, this is what I want, because that is the person I am will be one of the raddest things I'll ever be able to say.

You're devestatingly handsome and you look like you should have been a John Cusack Character. I really want to add you.
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Re: Can I be in? - tyrven [31.05.04::06:40]
I'm impressed. That reflects a level of self-awareness that is uncommon. While I appreciate it when people try to get to know other people and really approach them with an open mind I also wonder if the basis of that exploration is a displacement of an internal search for self. As with you, that was certainly true of my experience.

I think it's interesting, likewise, how much we try to fit ourselves to the world by understanding our environment and adapting to it. It seems intuitively logical and likewise efficient; in practice, though, I think the world is large and diverse enough that it's more practical to understand our innate individual tendencies and map our environment to that. Such a different view of the world and yet notablemore effective (in my experience).

Anyway, thank you for the post and welcome to my journal :). I can only hope to be as charming as John Cusack; as it stands I only reflect his characteristic insecurity and that's about it.
Re: Can I be in? - perfectlylegal [31.05.04::11:48]
Re: Can I be in? - tyrven [01.06.04::04:02]
Re: Can I be in? - perfectlylegal [01.06.04::06:12]
Re: Can I be in? - tyrven [01.06.04::07:03]
Re: Can I be in? - perfectlylegal [01.06.04::08:51]
numberonegun [01.06.04::11:52]
I freaking drank grape soda today you bastard. pretty friggin rad if you ask me.

(what do people get out of you adding them anyway, assuming your posts were never friends only?)

add me anyway?

(my question still stands)
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tyrven [03.06.04::10:10]
When I drank soda still grape was one of my favorite. I dig that fake grape flavor taste! As for what people get out of adding me: well, most of my entries are protected... but in addition I will sell your email address to partners and send you invitations to participate in exclusive offers.
numberonegun [04.06.04::02:51]
tyrven [04.06.04::11:28]
numberonegun [04.06.04::01:42]
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Not what I've done, but what I've been given - daeverra [05.06.04::11:21]
I uncovered my utmost passion in life and found it entangled with my career. One that's highly ostracized and misunderstood, many times devalued, but is the core of what we all are.

One that allows me to bear witness to the strongest and most vulnerable facets of a solitary person, and shakes me to my soul everytime I'm graced with the experience.

And it terrifies me.
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Re: Not what I've done, but what I've been given - tyrven [08.06.04::03:02]
I'm intrigued. What is it you've been given? I'm impressed; it is so rare for people to feel so much in regard to their work and life focus. I find passion in others inspiring; it's arguably the currency I base my relationships on. Will you tell me more?
Re: Not what I've done, but what I've been given - daeverra [08.06.04::03:30]
Re: Not what I've done, but what I've been given - tyrven [08.06.04::03:43]
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thegoddesskali [07.06.04::06:47]
Every day has a rad occurance. For me, todays radness would be beginning a freindship with someone such as yourself, who would value having a crazy, abrasively truthful, loving and talented fat girl as a friend.
Up for it?
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tyrven [07.06.04::07:12]
Sure :)
thegoddesskali [07.06.04::07:13]
woojoegai [08.06.04::02:42]
i don't know if you can count this as rad, but:

i hate performing in public (by myself, that is, it's too vulnerable), but a few months ago i bucked it up and took a chance and sang a solo in my choir. it felt great. you can watch it on uwtv.

-i like your photography and so i enjoy reading your posts!
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tyrven [08.06.04::03:08]
I think that is rad. It's more than I would do. I know this for a fact. I dropped out of choir when the chorus lead wanted me to perform a solo. Admittedly that was quite some time ago (in my youth) but the point is that I don't like being in the limelight and generally avoid it, so I can understand how hard that must have been. I was forced into the public eye more than once during my early twenties and have come to accept it as a sometimes necessary position, but I still deliberately avoid it :).

I don't get television, unfortunately. What time is it on? Maybe I can commandeer a friends television unit.
woojoegai [08.06.04::03:21]
tyrven [08.06.04::03:29]
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karinkarinkarin [08.06.04::05:32]
just to piss off whoever would want to have the 200th comment. heh.

I don't think that I've read any of your recent comments, it just got too cumbersome after about 140 or so. but one of these days I'll go see who all your newish friends are and perhaps introduce myself as one of your crazy whacko friends.
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tyrven [08.06.04::05:34]
What survey questions should I use for my new entry exam? The current question is getting old.
karinkarinkarin [08.06.04::06:15]
karinkarinkarin [09.06.04::10:31]
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I FINALLY BEAT SNOOD!!! - hermosaurus [09.06.04::12:03]
Yeah, that's pretty rad. I didn't want to type a bunch of different semi-rad things like most people seem to have done. But I'm going to anyway because I can't pick one. Besides snood, I can make clothes, i did four self-piercings, and produced and created a puppet show version of Julius Caesar--It was like 2 hours long.
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Re: I FINALLY BEAT SNOOD!!! - tyrven [09.06.04::03:41]
Christ!! I can only aspire to do half of those things... and the rest I know are completely hopeless. Call me impressed. Did you record your puppet show? That sounds marvelous. I plan on making my own clothes one of these days; we'll see.

I've never beat snood. I fear it's hopeless.
Re: I FINALLY BEAT SNOOD!!! - hermosaurus [11.06.04::04:28]
Re: I FINALLY BEAT SNOOD!!! - tyrven [11.06.04::04:32]
(Anonymous) [09.06.04::01:21]
I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have read all five books at least twice, and I was supremely thrilled to see the second Harry Potter film in the largest theatre in London!Being from San Diego, that, in my oppinion, was RAD! I never really thought of myself as a nerd, but that definitly puts me dangerously close, doesn't it? It's amazing how undeniably clear some things become when you say them outloud.

Have a cheerful day,

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tyrven [09.06.04::01:55]
I haven't read the books not have I seen the second movie but I did really enjoy the first and third films (the latter which I just saw the other day). They're definitely well told and delightful stories.

If you create a journal (which is free) then I can add you as a friend and you won't have to lurk around anonymously. :)
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squashcup [09.06.04::03:48]
The raddest thing I've ever done...I saved my boyfriend's life after convincing him to risk it.

It was the 4th of July, 2001, I believe. We (Grant, some friends, and I) decided it would be a good idea to go to the Arboretum and go swimming under the abandoned freeway overpass. Toward the end of our swim Grant decided that he wanted to jump off of the overpass into the water.

He walked up what was essentially the road until it reached it's highest point. Once there, he got cold feet. I was still treading water under where he was sitting, you know, just in case. He and I started talking about whether or not he should jump, I was getting impatient and told him to just do it so we could leave. So he did.

He pushed himself, from a sitting position, off of the side of the overpass and as I watched him start his fall I knew that he was going to belly flop into the water from about 60 feet. I imagined his mother's face as I told her that he was dead, I imagined having to dive down deep into the water to find his lifeless body, I imagined what my life would be like without him. He hit the water with his chest and head, sort of upside down and was gone for what seemed like a long-ass time.

Finally, just as I was steeling myself for going after him, he resurfaced. His teeth were all bloody and he was making this terrible gasping noise. He couldn't swim anymore and we were a long way from shore. I had to rescue-swim him back to the shallow water. The whole time I'm screaming on the inside and totally calm on the outside. I didn't want him to know I was scared.

After we got back to the shore he pulled on the shirt he'd left on the ground and as his head popped out he looked at me all confused and said, "What are we doing here? Where's my car?" I asked him a couple of basic questions, "Who is the president? What day is it?" He couldn't answer me. He had a hard time telling me what my was, and we'd been dating for almost 4 years at that time.

So, yeah, EMERGENCY ROOM! He had an MRI done (I got to see Grant's brain!) and they decided that he'd had a concussion, but that he should be ok. There wasn't any bad swelling. We got to go home.

The friends we were with weren't swimmers, and there's no way that they would have been able to make it to him in time after he'd hit the water. He got the wind seriously knocked out of him. I really think that he would have drown if I hadn't been there.

Goddamn, I'm long-winded.
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tyrven [09.06.04::03:54]
Oh my god... I held my breath the entire time reading that, cringing, even though I already knew that you'd saved his life and that even if you hadn't my tension wouldn't alter the course of history. That's just intense! Fortunately I'm generally fearful of heights but I also have a tendency to confront my fears; I'd like to think that I'd avoid a belly flop but now I'm unsure. If I ever find myself on a cliff I'm going to repeat this story to myself and ask if I REALLY want to go ahead with it.

Wow... I'm glad he was alright.
squashcup [09.06.04::04:11]
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Re: Putting rad off... - pittyrose [13.06.04::07:58]
Last September I decided to go to England. I wanted an adventure, and I figured I can kindof speak English, so me and a bag full of about 40 pounds of random necessities got on a plane. The trip was two weeks of talking to random people, wandering around, and journaling--sketching the things I saw and writing down my thoughts.

One day, I hopped a train to Dover. Kindof got it into my head that I wanted to see the sun set from as high a perch as I could. I stopped by a Safeway (different chain out there, for discount food products) and bought a liter of Strongbow (which I poured into my Nalgene water bottle) and a package of digestives.

Climbing up one the hills, I found out that it had been home to a Roman fortress, and I got the strangest feeling of deja vu wandering around its ruins...and finding a hidden passageway from the ruins to a cliff that overlooked the English Channel. I laid out my picnic and watched boats sail back and forth, from England to France.

And watched the sun set over/the white cliffs of Dover.
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Re: Putting rad off... - tyrven [15.06.04::12:46]
That's wonderful. I've always had a wandering spirit, of sorts, and travelling seems natural to me, but I've never been overseas. Mostly this has been a time issue; now that I'm not as involved in my business, however, I'm looking to take more trips (starting with my trip to South America this winter).

One of the things I admire the most about Europe is the laying of history. I've heard wonderful stories of people coming across Roman ruins at random in the middle of nowhere, unmarked... sometimes overgrown, sometimes turned into towns or markets, sometimes intermixed with medeival architecture... I think that's really neat. I get that same sense in NYC and that's only a couple hundred years of history.
Re: Putting rad off... - pittyrose [15.06.04::05:24]
Re: Putting rad off... - tyrven [16.06.04::03:01]
Re: Putting rad off... - pittyrose [17.06.04::03:30]
Re: Putting rad off... - tyrven [17.06.04::03:41]
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colvincd [17.06.04::01:38]
There are so many to choose from, but I'll give you one of the most recent ones:

I'm in the process of making LJ friends in the Seattle Area, as I do this I keep running into this "tyrven" character. a few weeks ago I was leaving comments on someone's journal (you may or may not have noticed) and a few days later you started leaving your own comments, which led me to ask "Who IS this guy?" Lindsay vouched for you when I was meeting with her, so my curiosity is finally piqued enough.

...And then I found $100 dollars (seriously).
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tyrven [17.06.04::05:23]
Ha! Funny. I've had things happen like that where I keep running into certain people via otherwise disconnected journals. It's a small city and the internet makes it even smaller, I suppose. Anyway, I'm sure Lindsay informed you that I'm rad, which is the primary purpose of this journal: to establish and maintain my image as such. Just kidding. Sort of.

Finding $100 would make me happy. I find it funny how when I was a kid finding a penny would make my day... and then that wore off and it got upped to a nickel. I'm still pretty much happy with anything above a penny, though. Paper currency is always a particularly pleasent surprise, though.

Which all reminds me of The Lottery of Babylon although I'm too tired right now to try to relate it back to that specifically.
colvincd [18.06.04::12:07]
tyrven [18.06.04::02:31]
colvincd [18.06.04::07:45]
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hoodxornament [17.06.04::07:42]
SO I saw your post in fotografia and I'm not a member so I can't reply to it there. I own the canon and I'm in love with it. I am not as into photography as many of the people in there and I've never shot anything but canon, excluding my dad's super old pentax, but I just wanted to tell you it is a great camera.
(Anonymous) [22.06.04::07:41]
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tyrven [22.06.04::10:22]
Welcome. Why did you give up on music as a career? I assume you still play in your personal time? I think to an extent there is a benefit to not following your passions professionally. To an extent it taints and undermines the beauty of the arts to have them commercialized and reduced to commodities which are bought and sold at the whim of the masses. The "art" that I bring to my business is something I've become burned out on; my photography is something I will keep to myself and out of the professional arena.

On that note, Mussorgsky is my favorite music for driving in the rain. I keep a CD of his music in my car at all times for precisely that reason.