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20.01.10 Wednesday
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Working with big kitties - laffingkat [07.07.04::08:22]
I used to do wildlife rehabilitation with Terri Raines at a place called Cougar Country (which is where the bobcat picture was taken). Working with the animals was wonderful, and I got to hear all about Terri meeting Steve, and yes, I was at the Crocodile Hunter's wedding. :)
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Re: Working with big kitties - tyrven [08.07.04::10:52]
I don't know who Terri and Steve are :) but I think that's rad anyway. I love cats in general and find it interesting how many similarites there are between small household cats and their wild cousins in nature.
Re: Working with big kitties - laffingkat [08.07.04::12:59]
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sushichick74 [08.07.04::07:02]
Hmm, it's not really "rad" - I don't know what it is but it's probably as close to rad as I can get. Our teachers went on strike when I was a junior in high school. On the first day of the strike, as we loitered outside pre-first bell, one of the seniors organized a walk out to take place as soon as the scabs started roll call. I was the only one in my homeroom (really about four homerooms smooshed together in one room) to actually walk out. As I stepped out into the cold with a handful of other students, the teachers cheered and that feeling...well, it was kind of rad.

And your journal is beautiful - the photos and words...I've been reading for a half hour or so and it's so rich - I'm full in that good imagey-wordy way.
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tyrven [08.07.04::10:55]
I really like that story quite a bit. I think that's fantastic.
jargonese [08.07.04::09:47]
sorry about removing you from my friends list. i was cleaning it out before going on vacation and accidentally checked your box. but you've been added back now :)
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tyrven [09.07.04::12:35]
:) It's all good! I was wondering what happened.
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life_with_alger [15.07.04::12:00]
I pee'd in my eye when I was five.

That's about it.
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tyrven [03.08.04::03:15]
Haha I missed this one. That's so fuck rad. But only because it happened to someone else. if it happened to me i'd be pissed (npi). Why the hell'd you go and do a thing like that for?! Did it sting?

I'm sure you noticed but I added you. Welcome (back).
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An olive branch? - rubyjones [19.07.04::02:42]
You really do have a problem with brevity! :::smiles::: The reason I didn’t read your posts over at disconscious journal was the subject matter. However, upon reading pieces of your journal I see that we are kindred spirits in many ways.

Ok, something rad I once did was to make my way to India with a group of fellow backpackers of various nationalities I met randomly in a bar in Amsterdam. Leaving my friends I journeyed on long train rides, a questionable plane ride, some arduous rickshaw adventuring, an overly populated bus drive and a little boat crewed by an endearingly talkative, one armed Indian man and what seemed like days trekking in the brain melting, sweltering heat wherein I ended up in the most beautiful clearing beside a pristine beach. Here I danced and laughed and swam naked and had life altering conversations and made love and cried with joy and fell in love with the entire planet.

This was possibly one of the raddest 72 hours of my life.
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Re: An olive branch? - tyrven [19.07.04::03:16]
That is possibly the raddest story ever told in response to this post. I'm impressed! When I travel with others I often find myself departing ways with them because I tend to be very adventurous and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable; it's hard to find people willing to explore impulsively like that.

I've never travelled overseas although I am planning on making it to Europe and Africa in the next two years. First, though, I'm planning a two-three month backpacking trip through central and south America. I'm really excited about that.

As for my posts at disconscious's journal; well disregard my protected entry whining about that; I'm just fishing for reassurance ;-).
Re: An olive branch? - rubyjones [19.07.04::04:28]
Re: An olive branch? - tyrven [19.07.04::03:20]
Re: An olive branch? - rubyjones [19.07.04::04:36]
(Anonymous) [19.07.04::04:26]
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Re: An olive branch? - tyrven [19.07.04::04:34]
I've heard so many stories of people going to wonderful places and then sticking to the tourist spots. It's sad. I had originally planned on driving to South America but ultimately decided not to because I didn't want to be stuck in a bubble; backbacking forces me to emerge myself in the local culture.

There are a number of motivations for travelling; one of the primary ones is to scout out a place to live. I've considered Bolivia specifically (based on what my dad had to say about it). I just can't stomach living in One Nation Ruled by GWB anymore ;-) (or at least the fear and ignorance that empowered him).

Re: disconscious: ha! That's probably true. Sometimes I feel like I'm picking on children by humoring debates with people like that; othertimes I rationalize it by arguing that it's the only way they'll learn perspective. Of course now I'm playing into her accusation of me playing the father-role :). Funny.
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baresilver [19.07.04::08:19]
Well, I know in a lot of ways this may seem boringly normal, simply because thousands of women do it every single day...but I still think the raddest thing I have ever done is given birth to two perfect babies. I have NEVER in my life worked so hard at anything, and both times, it was simply so amazing and awesome. There is nothing else in the world like looking into a pair of eyes seeing the world for the very first time, and realizing "I did that!" I have never felt such a sense of awed accomplishment before or since. Talk about a rush!! I could never have imagined until I experienced it.
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lollypollyolly [23.07.04::10:55]
Get something interesting out of me. I dare ya.
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lollypollyolly [23.07.04::11:08]
Also, you have the most incredible face.
Raddest thing...I died once.
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tyrven [28.07.04::03:43]
Face - well, thank you; wow! :) And for dying... story?
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gorey_girl [25.07.04::12:48]
do you read my livejournal?
i read yours. but not your privates. but only because i cant. im not sure. i find you both infuriating and irresistable. i guess thats how ex's go, either way.
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tyrven [25.07.04::01:24]
I try to check your journal (along with every other one of Michelle's friends' entries) at least three times a day in order to maintain that cherished image as the psycho-stalker-ex-boyfriend.

I have similar relationships with my partners’ exes. There is always one that is particularly difficult to accept (for me with Michelle it was Matt). I'm really close with most of my exes (obvious exception aside) which usually invites its own challenges. If the ex was good for them you're jealous and if they were bad for them you're angry; it's sort of a no-win situation. Love’s a funny thing.

But, yeah, I read your journal on occasion (not your livejournal but the purple one you keep under your mattress). It's nice seeing that Michelle's happy and I enjoy you're entries. Sometimes I'm compelled to comment but then think of the drama it would incite; same reason I never added you as a friend (although most of my posts are protected and, I assure you, are far more infuriating than the superficial nonsense I usually post publicly).
gorey_girl [25.07.04::01:31]
tyrven [25.07.04::01:45]
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raddest thing ever done by me - purgatorius [25.07.04::04:16]
Most would say:

That's an actual, tangible culmination of much semi-rad activity by me.

Though I just asked my girlfriend, and I swear to Baal Tiff said "last night" from under the lazy Sunday covers.

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additionally rad things - purgatorius [25.07.04::04:33]

  • Moved to Norway on a whim following REM experiences which later happened on the physical plane
  • Survived a catastrophic bus crash and lived to make dark jokes with emergency medical and hospital personnel
  • Hung out with Michelle Sciumbato at a barbecue last night, which friend just told me she knows you, or something approximating this. (mmmichellebelle) Ah, clarification, knows the other Michelle.
  • Climbed down my old high school building via the external tarp after breaking in to joke-hack the computer lab (turned out that hoax hacking and hacking are separated in the SPD's collective mind by a very fine line)
  • Smoked a joint walking down the street in Vancouver while a bike cop rode past and gave me a friendly wave (just ask up_to_know_good
  • Participated in the Forgotten Works "30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge" (showing First Thursday at their new space)
  • Many more things, some not publicly brag-appropriate.
Re: additionally rad things - tyrven [28.07.04::04:48]
Re: raddest thing ever done by me - tyrven [28.07.04::04:26]
divinemissa [27.07.04::01:02]
I found your journal... you're probably going to think I'm all evil now... through the recent feminism brouhaha on I thought you seemed like a decent, intelligent guy in your comments, I checked you out, and I like your photography. So I'm adding you.

The raddest thing I've ever done was give someone CPR and start their heart up again. The raddest thing I've ever experienced was scuba diving in the kelp forest off of California. I distinguish between "Done" and "Experienced" because, while the diving doesn't really make me a more rad person, it was frigging awesome, but the CPR, which does make me radder, was really pretty gross and scary.

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tyrven [03.08.04::03:18]
I already added you back but I didn't respond to this yet. Anyway, I've made more friends via ljdrama; it's sort of amusing, really. I should send disconscious an email thanking her for inspiring so many online friends.

Most of my protected entries are not photo related; a lot of introspective rambling and discussion of social issues. It may or may not be of interest.

I think giving and saving life are two of the most impressive things someone can do. <bow>.

Anyway, welcome...!
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talonyoseiijo [27.07.04::06:45]
Rad? hmm... I live a boring life... but not too long ago a friend picked me up, we drove around and just randomly went to friends' houses made them come outside and we went on a mini road trip across the state just because we could, no prior planning. That was pretty rad.

I saw your postings on that one disconscious chick's journal, I found your posting style intelligent and definately the kind I enjoy reading so I'd like to be added to your friends list.

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tyrven [03.08.04::03:19]
I think that's wonderful. Unplanned and spontaneous roadtrips are to be cherished.

Anyway, sorry for the delayed response and welcome... :) I look forward to reading your journal!
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eard_stapa [29.07.04::01:23]
hi there. i found you on okcupid (my name's tasty_ion) and i thought you sounded pretty cool. i'd really like to be added.

i'm terrible at picking just one thing (i'm the same way in terms of favorites), so i can give a list.

when i was in 5th grade i came in 12th at the state spelling bee. i also got a poem published.

when i was in 10th grade english and studying catcher in the rye, my teacher had a "quiz" where each of us went to different parts of the school, by ourselves, screamed "SLEEP TIGHT, YOU MORONS!" and ran for it. it felt so good. we even got in trouble with the principal. it was very fun.

i sing, and participating in choirs has given me so many incredible, amazing opportunities. i've been to england, wales, hawaii, and seattle on big trips with select choirs. i've performed in amazing venues all around the states and abroad, done concerts together with other amazing choirs... one example: last summer my a cappella group went to japan. we planned the trip all on our own and were lucky enough to get several huge grants from the school. we went all around japan for two weeks, touring, learning, and singing with various universities' a cappella groups. it was an amazing experience. next year i look forward to even more radness: singing beethoven's 9th with the university of michigan men's glee club in carnegie hall, and traveling to prague and budapest with my college's select choir.

this summer, totally against the will of my parents, i decided to come back to the place where i went to high school - ann arbor, mi - live on my own, and find a job. (they don't live here anymore, and they wanted me to come live with them.) finally, to have a place that is all mine, to know i earned this, paying for everything i need in life, living on my own time, tasting real independence for the first time - it's all pretty rad. the radness factor has decreased somewhat, since i lost my job about two weeks ago, but that's also a part of reality.
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eard_stapa [29.07.04::01:28]
i know the last thing might sound kind of plain, but it's an experience that not a lot of my peers have had at this point, and considering the history i have with my family, it's a really important statement and decision.
(Anonymous) [29.07.04::02:11]
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Re: the most super raddest - tyrven [29.07.04::02:16]
I am watching. That's why I've constructed this convenient internet pedestal for myself to perch on. ;-)

That is pretty rad. I missed out. Welcome to my home of pretense and drama. We're now officially friends. Because if it's not on LiveJournal it doesn't exist.
(Anonymous) [29.07.04::02:19]
Re: the most super raddest - tyrven [29.07.04::02:22]