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20.01.10 Wednesday
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avatraxiom [30.07.04::12:48]
Hey. :-) I actually don't mind if you add me or not, I was just totally tempted by the idea of leaving a story of the raddest thing I'd ever done, as a comment. That's brilliant.

OK, let's see...

I wrote all the music for, directed, and successfully put on a one-act children's musical in college, with a six-piece orchestra and about 7 songs.

Other notables:

+ I made a web page that almost instantly got 700 unique visitors a day, and now gets 60,000 unique visitors a month.

+ I asked a girl to marry me by writing a song that ended with "...will you marry me?" (And, in fact, it's also one of the best songs ever written, on top of that. Seriously, it's really pretty good.)

+ I once acquired and deposited a $10,000 loan in a single day, with almost no credit history, and then got a $2000 credit-limit raise on my credit card in five minutes. (And if anybody isn't aware of the radness of that... they should try it for themselves. :-D)

(Anonymous) [30.07.04::08:48]
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I did the exact same thing! - silvermagnum [07.11.04::01:41]
Actually, now that I think about it... The first time I ever got drunk was by accident- I was the designated "drink-runner" for the belly dancers at an SCA event in Kansas City. At 19 yrs. old it was the most incredible experience. Lots of big kisses. This was not the raddest thing I've ever done, by any means, but for a sophomore in college, it was pretty cool. That was more than 5 years ago. Now I'm an old fart; a big boring contemplative stooge.
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15576987 [01.08.04::10:51]
hmm, yet another person who read you through lj drama in a moment of procrastination and boredom. i hate feminazis who give a bad name to those who consider themselves feminists of some description.

hmm. raddest thing i ever did. well, my initial thought was 'radiohead concert, april 24, 2004', but that wasn't radness on my behalf so much as a fucking awesome concert.

last time i was in ireland i went in the fairy fort at 3am. long backstory, but basically, you go in there after dark and the fairies take you. and you come out 50 years later not having aged a day. oh man, that took guts. thank heaven for irish beer and my rowdy cousins. ;)
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tyrven [01.08.04::11:11]
Well, now, that most certainly is rad. So did the Fairy Fort work? I would like to go forward fifty years sometimes; I think it would give someone a unique perspective to bring together wisdom from two ages without the conditioning of experiencing the transition. What is the source of your journal name?
15576987 [02.08.04::02:27]
tyrven [03.08.04::03:09]
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jezabel [02.08.04::06:07]
During a pretty bad snowstorm, our windshield wipers weren't working. So we used tampons to wipe away the snow.
That was pretty rad.
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tyrven [03.08.04::03:06]
You know, I've been stuck in bad snow storms where the windshield wipers were failing and had I known this I bet it would have been a lot easier. Incidently, I redistributed this helpful advice tonight at a party and others were also greatful to know this information. That said, I think it definitely qualifies as rad.

Hello. And welcome.
worded [03.08.04::01:51]
I found you through pippirrip a long time ago but I really would like to add you. When I was in seventh grade I picked up a baby rattlesnake. Then it bit me. That part wasn't so rad.
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tyrven [03.08.04::03:10]
Were you able to get the venom out in time or did you have to get the antidote? The antidote is really expensive; I was amazed. It's a live cure, though, extracted from rattlesnakes. If you had to have it you probably know all of this, though. Anyway, welcome.
worded [03.08.04::10:17]
tyrven [03.08.04::11:25]
worded [03.08.04::11:41]
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OUR SECRET - girl19 [07.08.04::11:04]
I will leave it at that. :)

(ok so that isn't completely true.. but there are too many stories to choose one. So you will have to learn as we go I guess.)
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Re: OUR SECRET - tyrven [07.08.04::12:26]
But our secret is</i> rad! But yes, perhaps not the raddest. YET. I've added you to my journal so you can see far too many useless facts about yours truly. ;-)
Re: OUR SECRET - girl19 [07.08.04::01:53]
(Anonymous) [08.08.04::09:34]
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tyrven [08.08.04::12:33]
That's odd; I don't really know her that well but it doesn't seem like her to do something like that. That entry does look familiar, though; I think I saw something like that on one of my friends pages. I wonder if she thought it was public domain? Of course that doesn't make sense if she did it multiple times. Very strange. Regardless, she deleted her journal for some reason so it's impossible to say.

Of course, immitation is the best form of flattery ;-) Nonetheless I've been surprised at how many of my friends (particular illustrators) have reported their work showing up on other people's permissions, often times with explicit credit being taken for the work. I don't understand what motivates people like that. Personally if I plageurized someone's work I'd feel really guilty and empty over it.

P.S., Thank you :)
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tyrsalvia [10.08.04::02:26]
I randomly read your entry on racism/sexism on my friends friends page, and now find myself curious about the rest of your entries.

I don't know that I have a single raddest thing I've ever done, but I have a few good memories.

I suppose it's not that exciting to anyone else, but my wedding last year was pretty damn cool. Our families gave us a lot of money to throw a huge party for our families and friends, and... yeah. It was a wedding. A little different, a little the same, not so exciting if you don't know me, I guess.

The first time I ever went to New York, it was dressed in a cheap Santa suit, rampaging through strip clubs and hopping the subway.

I went to Emperor Hadrian's 2nd century bc villa, and touched walls that held graffiti in at least ten different languages that had been accumulating over the course of two thousand years.

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tyrven [19.08.04::06:21]
I like that bit about NYC in a Santa suit. That takes a lot more guts than I have; while my first trip to NYC was adventurous I think I was next to overwelmed with all of the new senses alone and thus can't imagine what it'd be like to stir things up in the process. Even now, NYC has the ability to transform my typically participatory nature into a mere passive observer.
(Anonymous) [15.08.04::09:46]
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Re: Raddest - tyrven [19.08.04::05:39]
Wow, that's incredible! So all said, how long did you end up having to stay with the dog. And I love the fact that the dog bit you; that's animal instinct for you :). The nerve of you, just as the poor dog was finally about to get a well deserved rest after a life of servitude and humility.
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katethoughts [17.08.04::02:07]
friends of mine keep putting references to your journal, everytime I click on it I'm impressed. Mind if I add you?

The raddest thing I ever did was hang off a cliff to take a photograph of some sea lions sunning themselves on a rock.
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tyrven [19.08.04::05:26]
I'm impressed. I'm a bit sensitive to heights so I can't say I've gone to that extreme to get a shot. In fact, just leaning over a ledge with my camera makes me a bit nervous. Did the shot turn out??

Anyway, yes, feel free to add me if you like my journal; I'm adding you in turn.
katethoughts [19.08.04::05:44]
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thesincrusade [17.08.04::02:52]
Well now. I'd have to say the raddest thing I've done is probably to have sex in a movie theater. They were playing the Alamo, and how wonderfully silly is the inside joke, "REMEMBER THE ALAMO".
Anyway, your photos are grand.
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tyrven [19.08.04::05:24]
You know, I don't think I've ever had sex inside a movie theatre. No, I haven't. Funny. I'll have to try that sometime.
ex_dumbgenius [18.08.04::06:31]
i am attracted to your journal for superficial reasons. because i like your photography and what you posted in abstractthought, and you're good looking.

the raddest thing i ever did? the raddest thing i did in the last week sticks in my mind -
- i led by a good margin in the last 2 of a 300 player poker tournament worth $10,000 to the winner (nothing to second place) and lost.
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tyrven [19.08.04::05:03]
Well, I'm flattered. And that's impressive; I love poker. Although i never play for money. I used to go to a weekly knitting circle and poker night and would usually opt out of the financial buy in (a mere $5); I always did better when I wasn't economically invested. Anyway, welcome.
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the raddest thing EVER - angrygravel [19.08.04::06:33]
When I was 16 I studied abroad in sweden for a while. One weekend some friends and I decided to take the ferry over to denmark. we got settled in our hostel and then decided to go to a sandwich shop and get something to eat. it was raining lightly, but we thought, no big deal. no sooner had we ordered our food and left the shop did a hurricane strike the entire city of copenhagen, what i later read was the worst hurricane in one hundred years. I survived flying glass, windstorms of i don't know,, 9 million miles per hour? and i managed to get back to the hostel unscathed, just a few minutes before an entire tree flew through the door and left glass everywhere and shards of tree bark everywhere. so yeah, surviving a hurricane was TOTALLY RAD. I also taught myself how to read russian when i was 13 because i had a crush on a russian girl, and I rescued a neglected fish from a sorority house, who, before I got to him, was living solely on saltine crackers. Hopefully these will also be duly noted as raddest things i've ever done one day in the history of humanmity.
that said, I am adding you. :)
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Re: the raddest thing EVER - tyrven [19.08.04::06:56]
That's intense! I have a sick adoration and respect for natural disasters; even something so simple as a thunder storm makes me excited. A full on hurricane would be next to orgasmic.

I'm teaching myself Russian right now, but for no reason as noble as a crush. I also saved a fish once, which was being used as decor at my high school prom. But then it died a few days later.
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Raddest thing? There are too many things! - the_anomaly [20.08.04::03:24]
Well, that is a difficult thing to decide on. I'm sure I'll think of something better later, but for right now I would have to say that the raddest thing I ever did involved magick. I mean, real magick, like Wicca (only not, because I'm not Wiccan)... You see, it seems as though my magick is too powerful for my own good. Whenever I do a spell for it to rain here, there is a terrible tornado. I seemed to have caused the big tornado that hit Indy about 2 years ago (or something like that). Back then I tried too much for it to work I suppose, and I wanted to prove to other people that I could do it, and that's what happens. I also have made it snow profusely, especially when I really did not want to go to school. I have also healed people across the nation that I only know over the internet.

My real reason for commenting is to tell you my thoughts on some of the things you said in disconscious's journal. You said that women choose to stay in subservient roles, and you sorta generalized and basically acted like females are weak. I believe that many women DO do that, but I also believe that MANY men do that too, but perhaps they don't speak about it as much (I would know...I have effortlessly dominated men in the past, not that I'm proud but it is a fact). I believe that you are one of the ones to blame for women being "trapped" in these roles, so to speak. You cling to labels- "masculine" and "feminine"- things that I obsessed over for so long that I couldn't be who I really was. Now I am a freethinker and I do what I want, regardless of the gender connotations. I used to say my favourite colour was blue, and now I say it is pink. When I was a child, I said it was pink. I was not embarrassed then, yet I became so, because I paid too much attention to what people thought, to how people viewed me, and I lost myself. If everyone were free of inane labels then I believe everyone would be a healthy mix of so-called "masculine" and "feminine". Some would go more one way or the other, but that is natural. Women shouldn't have to cling to trying to be masculine just to be empowered, and neither should men. On the other side, men should not have to embrace feminity whole-heartedly to be more sensitive, or whatever...sensitivity is something all people should have. (Although I know Dick Cheney does not think so, lol)

Anyway, if you wish to friend me, great, but I will not friend you until you friend me (I would feel a fool if you rejected me). Anyway I hope I have perhaps broadened your perspective, because I always like it when someone can do that for me. ^_^ I also like it when I can get enough sleep! Must run, have fun, hope to hear from your soon! Tootles!
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Re: Raddest thing? There are too many things! - tyrven [31.08.04::10:41]
I have had a lot of friends in the past who claimed to know magick but they never seemed to be able to demonstrate anything beyond contrived tricks of perception, so it's not something I have a lot of faith in. Nonetheless, I try to keep an open mind and accept that there are things that modern science does not fully articulate or explain which are possible if we open our minds to them. As such, you'll have to demonstrate these powers for me some day. Although with care, of course ;-)
Re: Raddest thing? There are too many things! - tyrven [31.08.04::10:56]
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Absolutely stupendous! - eadaoin [20.08.04::08:36]
I absolutely LOVE your photos! I'm into photography a little, but have had no time nor funds to lately. You are truly an artist. I will keep my eye on your page!
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Re: Absolutely stupendous! - tyrven [20.08.04::08:43]
I'm flattered! Would you like to be added to my friends list? Not too much photography under the fold; mostly just personal ranting and the such.