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20.01.10 Wednesday
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jennageah [22.08.04::02:08]

The raddest thing I've ever done?

*notes quietly that stupid really only do repeat the question posed to lengthen the time they have to come up with an answer*

Hmmm. *yet another, the infamous 'hmm' noise. More stalling*

Well, I'm coming up empty. Can I just settle with saying that I'm not in any way 'rad', and so therefore have never done anything remotely so?

But then again...I have had a reoccuring dream about eatable chairs that taste like Oreo cookies, so maybe that counts in some small way. And there was that time I muttered 'pass the sauce' in my sleep, which unfortunately someone heard, and thus I was exposed for the apparent sauce loving freak that I am.
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tyrven [22.08.04::01:34]
Oreo cookie chairs? Oh, god, if that were reality I don't think I'd have any furniture left in my house. I don't seek out Oreos per se but if someone puts them in front of me I really can't stop eating them.
jennageah [24.08.04::04:35]
alzelreth [27.08.04::08:24]
I spent quite some time thinking about the raddest thing I have ever done. I can't think of what the "raddest" thing would be. I imagined it's something that stands out in your life as a turing point, or an act of heroism (perhaps even of stupidity), or even a random act of kindness.

For my life, which I view as uneventful, the raddest thing I have done is return to college to find a new career. Although I have a Bachelor's degree and have had the wonderful opportunity of attending college, I realized I completed a degree in a major I do not want as a career. Perhaps, as a hobby it would work.

For me the raddest thing was learning how to make an educated decision about my life (possibly the first), and returning to college entirely on my own to seek out what I really need to do to earn a living and be happy in life. It was hard because I had turned my back on my childhood dream I had been pursuing for most of my life and have found that I can still dream and there is still a world of opportunity.

I didn't screw up as bad as I thought, although it's really hard right now.
alzelreth [27.08.04::08:24]
ps. (Learning to spell-check my documents, or obtaining a spell checker or a grammer checker would be rad too, I just haven't done that yet)
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havent said hullo in awhile - hollychernobyl [28.08.04::10:39]
so here the raddest thing ive done in the past few months: scrambled down a fire escape with half-clad street kids, while the owner of the apartment threw our 40s off the roof at us screaming "if you ever come up this fire escape agin ill kill you". then he dumped a bucket of water on me.
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I left you a message... - flipflops_andme [07.09.04::02:31]
But then realized that I need to get on the wagon and leaving anonymous notes just wont do. So here I am. I'm kind of offended you havent replied to my flip flop rebuttal but then again, i suppose I took my sweet ass time writing back to you. My apologies. Anyways, I left my "rad" story on the other "comment". I would like to read more of Word of the day: Foofaraw.
I'm feeling wordy tonight. - punch_drunk [08.09.04::10:41]
So I've been thinking of the raddest thing I've ever done. It's hard to put one thing above all else because it all depends on how you mean "rad." Yes, I think too much.

Probably the most exciting thing I've done in recent memory was to work at a rock concert with over 500,000 attendees. I started work at 1 am and got to see the beautiful sunrise behind the CN Tower (yes, I'm in Toronto) and later on got to attend the concert once I got off work. It was my first concert since I was 6 and it was amazing.

If that's not rad enough for you, I can immitate the sound of a cat in heat. I can also do that scary voice in the Exorcist. It freaks the hell outta people because my voice is actually quite girly or "cute" as it's been described.

In case you're curious, I found you via gfrancie's journal and thought you were nice to look at. Your entries are an interesting read as well.
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your photos - killtheshadow [14.09.04::10:42]
im a big fan of your photos now, they are so freakn Rad man.

THe quality, the pics u take...

what kind of camera do u use?
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Re: your photos - tyrven [15.09.04::03:22]
Thank you, I appreciate that :). I use a Canon EOS 300D with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. I love it!
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crypx [15.09.04::06:14]
I'd have to be on acid or something to use that word.

Erm, I've a lot of interesting stories, most of which you'll find hidden in the depths of my lj which i really should make friends only..

They're interesting, but.. raddest thing I've ever done?
I suppose, at such short notice, my bad memory, and the fact I don't consider anything i've done as much of an acheivement, it would be My visit to Thailand and Zambia (seperate occasions). At the former I got to swim with dolphins, feed a baby lion cub milk, help carve a small bit of a bhuddist temple, and other stuff i've now forgotten. that was january this year if you'd like to read the no doubt longer entry.

and Zambia, saw Niagra Falls, managed to see the Boiling pot - the kinda thing you need to see than have described. And followed monkeys around a bit...

oh, i have a tendancy to write too much.. i do use cut tags tho;)
so, add me and i add you:)
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norb_o [16.09.04::09:40]
I am a highschool student in Georgia. I love your pictures, and do not seek to invade your privacy, but only enjoy your pictures.
The raddest thing I've ever done is to fall in love.
fuckjaws [17.09.04::10:40]
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tyrven [17.09.04::01:44]
That is a rad story! That's really cool, actually.
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Raddest thing i ever did to my cousin - uncertnf8 [18.09.04::03:24]
I once accidentally left a phone number storage device with a magnetic backing on my cousin's computer, which in turn corrupted his OS and left few pieces of his data in tact. HE was most displeased with me but was quick to forgive my ignorance of computer knowledge and instead used it as an opportunity to teach me about computers. My cousin is rad, and he started my love for computers which has led me somehow to this moment right now. where i have resorted to typing out strange occurrences in my life on a computer screen and sending them aimlessly into cyberspace
xkissikx [30.09.04::03:38]
currently the raddest thing i've done intentionally is adopt my doggie a couple years ago. that's personally the RADDEST... unintentionally raddest?

h: what''s the raddest thing i've ever done?
j: date me and continue to be my friend after I went insane
h: =)

i guess he thinks that's the raddest? i couldn't tell ya since it's unintentional. =P

now ADD ME!!!
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darkfairy13 [09.10.04::11:05]
As a sort of "Suck up comment" I would like to join your friend's list, as well as scrambledporn. Hopefully having a Ghost World icon wouldn't give you a cliched impression of me. :) Thank you.
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tyrven [18.10.04::01:21]
You seem interesting. Anyway, i've added you. And welcome to Scrambledporn, as well! It hasn't been terribly active lately; I need to get back in the habit of posting movie reviews to it.
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andrewpants [17.10.04::01:52]
thanks for having me at your party last night ! it was a fun one !
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tyrven [18.10.04::01:18]
Hey hey thanks for coming! I'm glad you had fun. I'm adding you as a friend; I'll likely be throwing monthly parties from here on out and posting them to my journal.
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Links: Ashley, Cara, Quentin, Meg... - petit_chou [18.10.04::09:51]
Alright, because I'm tired of checking back here every now and again and having to digest your posts in big mouthfuls, here goes:

The raddest thing I've ever done is learn to breathe fire late at night on a rainy street in the Netherlands. We surprised more than a few passersby.

Also rad: My projects. People usually think the Scrabble tiles and table are the raddest.
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Re: Links: Ashley, Cara, Quentin, Meg... - tyrven [18.10.04::01:16]
That scrabble board IS cool; I adore that game! I'm thinking about moving to the Netherlands for a few months this year, although my plans aren't confirmed. Anyway, welcome =). I've added you.
Re: Links: Ashley, Cara, Quentin, Meg... - petit_chou [18.10.04::02:00]
Re: Links: Ashley, Cara, Quentin, Meg... - tyrven [18.10.04::02:22]
Re: Links: Ashley, Cara, Quentin, Meg... - petit_chou [18.10.04::02:36]
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snaggle28 [18.10.04::10:00]
Your photos rock and I would love to see more. The raddest thing I've ever done is discovering my tongue can touch my nose.
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tyrven [18.10.04::01:13]
Why, thank you. And that is pretty rad. Welcome, I'm adding you back.