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20.01.10 Wednesday
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hey - shageto [19.10.04::12:48]
Hey's Shag, Bruces roommate. I probabaly forgot to say "happy birthday". Sorry. Had fun at the party, though. As for the raddest thing I've done? Either being the first person ever to snowskate down Mt. Rainier, or telling Jani Lane of that band Warrant that I had better things to do than try to score him pot as I walked away with two hot chicks.
missabissabee [01.11.04::01:01]
I don't do a ton of interesting things....let alone rad things.

You messaged me on friendster....which means we have to be friends, because that's the way things go.

I was with a friend when he was pulled over for speeding and told him to tell the cop i was sick and preceded to open the door and vomit. It was gross but effective.

On July 20th, I moved from a state I loved to the biggest waste of space ever, to live with a boy I didn't know because my life isn't interesting enough. And Texas will never be the same.

Learning to knit is the hardest thing ever.
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pjammer [03.11.04::07:08]
The most awesome thing I ever done ... well, I once cost a scam modeling agency ten thousand dollars in one evening. Would love to be added to the list ... came by your journal by way of candid whose recommendations I trust implicitly. Excellent post-election rant as well.
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tyrven [08.11.04::03:34]
This very well may be the raddest story ever posted to this entry. I adore it; it is completely representative of the style of civil disobedience that I respect the most. Well done! And thank you regarding the election post; I am proud to say that I lost a few 'friends' over it ;-).
pjammer [08.11.04::04:42]
tyrven [08.11.04::05:04]
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At my age rad hardly applies - housecattn [04.11.04::11:43]
But even given that I find you to be well thought and clearly expressed and opposite in political and social attitudes. My life will hopefully never cease to be about learning, slaying sterotypes and trying very hard to live the balance.

You post election most was excellent, and i came to it by way of cagekitten and stillraven

I am impressed by your characterization of the extreme left being similar to the religious zelotry and bigotry of the extreme right.

While I am both politically conservative and a moderate conservative Christian (this likely doesn't make sense to folks not dealing with the levels of extremist rightwing politics in evangelical churches) , I value learning and understanding highly and a balanced society foremost.

I seek to convert none for that is not my path, but I do seek to gain insight as I make my life journey, you seem to be someone who can provide some reasoned insight and i would appreciate the chance to participate.

If you don't mind I would like to add you to my list, and hope that you wil see fit to add me to yours.

Be Well.
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Re: At my age rad hardly applies - tyrven [05.11.04::02:33]
Well, thank you. I appreciate that. After going through a couple days worth of bashing for the comments in that post, it's satisfying to receive such a complement.

Like you, I am not interested in converting anyone; I rarely speak of my own beliefs although I am quite confident in them. Instead I tend to focus on the hypocricies and conflicting ideologies of those around me because I think those weaken and ultimately undermine people's platforms.

Anyway, I've added you back and thanks again.
Re: At my age rad hardly applies - housecattn [08.11.04::07:01]
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In a moment... - silvermagnum [07.11.04::03:20]
you have to decide whether to lie and have all your dreams of career advancement come true, or tell the truth and risk it all. How can you build a career of Honor by lying? I told the truth and lost it all. I may or may not ever re-enlist, but today I stand tall in my honor and I've been honored a hundred-fold in return. "Honor guides a never lie..." I told the truth, and forfeited my career honorably,(while some were later found out and dishonorably discharged). I remain forever welcome in the presence of the Few and the Proud. I didn't tarnish the Globe and Anchor. I can look at myself in the mirror every morning and know I did the right thing. Honor means nothing until it costs you everything.
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Re: In a moment... - tyrven [08.11.04::03:21]
It's interesting because, as a nihilist, I don't personally relate to the idea of Honor, although given the ideological basis of it I strongly agree with and support your decision. One of the most irritating things to me is the hypocricy of ideologies; honor is firmly based on trust and truth and I admire the willingness to uphold that principle even despite the potential consequences.

Your last line reminds me of a quote that I appreciate quite a bit from Abraham Lincoln: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Both relate to ideologies being meaningless until challenged.
Re: In a moment... - silvermagnum [10.11.04::03:34]
"As a Nihilist..." - silvermagnum [10.11.04::04:00]
"One of the most irritating things..." - silvermagnum [10.11.04::04:26]
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Raddest thing ever... humm - sarevilo [14.11.04::12:33]
So I've been reading your live-journal for a little while (I like your photos, what can I say). Anyway, my raddest thing perhaps relates to your recent accident. I flipped my car upside-down into a pond once. After I came too, I had to get out of a sinking vehicle.

There is nothing like that rush. I remember my first thoughts, the sounds of the water rushing in, and once I made it out, watching all of my stuff float away. I was able to save one momento... A calculus book (still sitting on my book shelf held together with duct tape). I found it a couple of days later. Wow, that was six years ago.
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Re: Raddest thing ever... humm - tyrven [14.11.04::03:25]
Hi :). That picture (in your icon) is so lovely, and I think that each and everytime I see it. That's really intense about flipping your car into a pond. When my car was spinning out of control I was really hoping it would have enough inertia to break through the barrier on the 520 bridge and into Lake Washington, but unfortunately it didn't. While that would have destroyed my car, camera and a number of cherished items (books namely) the thrill might have well justified the consequences. Anyway, I'm adding you, and welcome!
Re: Raddest thing ever... humm - screed [16.11.04::01:02]
Re: Raddest thing ever... humm - screed [16.11.04::01:03]
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screed [16.11.04::01:00]
I never saw this before so I'm late.

When I was 22, I had drunk anal sex with a sixteen year old runaway on a beach. We both passed out, and when we woke up we couldn't find half of her underwear, which upset her, because it was a matched set.

This wasn't so much rad as it was the most laws I ever broke at one time, eg. public intoxication, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with minor, statutory rape, sodomy, driving under the influence, breaking curfew, and I think we shouldn't have been out there at all because it was the Gulf Islands National Seashore. In my defense, I did not pick the endangered dune-building plants.
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silvermagnum [17.11.04::04:05]
I will not flame. I will not flame. I will not flame.
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I will not flame. I will not flame. I will not flame.
screed [17.11.04::09:18]
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mcfnord [05.12.04::02:49]
do you ever do architectural photography? i need some.
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tygerlyn [10.12.04::11:38]
Yes please. I adore your photos. Would like to add you as a friend. Do ya mind?
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darkness_rises2 [19.12.04::02:44]
Hello, I found your community "scrambledporn" from a lj search of Stanley Kubrick. I am primarily an Oregonian, but I read your reviews and I like your writing so I’d like to get on the friends list to read your reviews....and since the Stanley Kubrick search landed me at your journal I had to take a peek and it looks interesting too, so if you don’t mind adding me to your journal as well, I’d like that....and the raddest thing I’ve ever done is deciding to become a psychotherapist!
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ursako [27.12.04::09:38]
Hoping I'm not too late to jump on the massive bandwagon. I love your photos, and the abortion clinic write-up was impressive.
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ursako [27.12.04::09:40]
AND I once extracted myself from a locked car trunk using only my toes.
And you know that Gordian Knot, the one that Alexander supposedly cut? That was ALL me.
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brianfey [30.12.04::03:14]
A good friend suggest you a a super cool person.

Raddest thing:

Buying property and moving to Mexico out in the woods where there is a power or water.
It has been six months now. Trippy shit.
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audreyjean [31.12.04::01:56]
Hmmm the raddest thing I have ever done was meeting Enoelie (shared friend) in person and tormenting Caltrain conductors with her beauty!

Ok so that may not sound rad but it was one of those "had to be there things". Anyway, I've noticed that a few of my friends have you listed as a friend and I was starting to feel left out. I always hear of your amazing photography and so here I am. :-)

I've added you... hope you don't mind.
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tyrven [31.12.04::02:05]
Of course not; I've added you in return :) And I'm flattered that people are talking about my photography; of all the things people say behind one's back, that's one I can't say I mind ;-).
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earhart [31.12.04::03:50]
Hmm... does taking up skydiving as a hobby count?
heatherfeathyr [31.12.04::05:15]
Not to brag, but when I was 15 I won 1st place in a state wide piano competition
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tyrven [31.12.04::05:22]
This entry is an invitation for bragging! Will you teach me how to play piano? It's on my list of things to learn in the next six months. Or start learning, I ought to say. Adding you.
heatherfeathyr [31.12.04::05:26]