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20.01.10 Wednesday
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karinkarinkarin [20.01.04::05:56]
I don't believe that anyone has ever asked for the 'raddest' thing that I've ever done. it's going to take some thinking on my part.

I'll have to get back to you on that one.

that aside, I have been intrigued by your journal entries.
found through random clicking of friends' friends pages. 3 times removed, I believe. or something to that effect.
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tyrven [20.01.04::06:18]
I must admit some reluctance in absense of a rad story... but you have a big fluffy cat on your profile so you can't be all that bad. I'm adding you now. Welcome.
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karinkarinkarin [20.01.04::06:45]
it's amazing how effective that cat is in persuading people.
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Re: - karinkarinkarin [31.01.04::10:43]
At the risk of being de-friended in accordance to Process #50291, I have been forced to come up with a 'raddest' story for you.

I think the reason why I didn't want to give you a 'rad' story at the beginning was that I didn't want to be classified right off the bat (as I know you like to organize things) as 'that girl who did ________.' I'm more than that! Plus, there are so many things that could qualify as rad.

Okay. So, on with the stor(y/ies).
  • the impulsive: I decided to move to MA for my junior year in college. (but you already know this) In retrospect, I'm not really sure why I decided to go THERE, of all places, except that I'd never seen the East Coast, and MA didn't seem all that intimidating. (NY is very intimidating for some reason. I like it there, but I don't know that I could live there.) Plus, I had watched 'legally blonde' and figured that if she could go from cali to harvard, I could go from uw to umass. (not quite the same analogy, but you get the point.)
  • the artistic/intellectual: I think the raddest project that I've ever done (although this was a number of years ago, and I can't bring myself to go and tweak it anymore) is a photography theme project for the art/genetics/philosophy/humanities class that I took. You can look at it here. Each group of four thumbnail images links to a topic, and then you can click on the thumbnails again to see the full picture. I had so much fun with this project, and I like the simplicity of the design. Looking back though, some of the comments that I wrote don't make as much sense now as they did when I constructed the project. hmm.
  • the wacky: I once went on a pineapple reconnaissance mission to commandeer a giant paper fold out pineapple from my friend greg's apartment. I failed miserably.
and there are so many more stories that I could tell. I'm glad that I got to tell you a bunch of them in person though, because now I won't be defined by the choices that I've made here.

thank you *bows and runs away*
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Re: - tyrven [31.01.04::03:50]
Wonderful! I agree that NYC is a bit intimidating; I love visiting there, but like you I doubt I could live there (although I think I could while going to school, but that's the only exception for me). I'm disappointed that you failed on your pineapple recon mission. Brave effort, though. I like your art project; I just skimmed it for now but will have to spend more time with it later. It's interesting because as much as I enjoy creating things like that, I find that I'm much more appreciative of such matters in print... I have more patience when reading a book. But that's a whole other topic altogether.
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Re: - karinkarinkarin [31.01.04::04:24]
It would be cool to make it into a book. I wonder if I feel strongly enough about the photos/topics to put in that sort of effort.

I am often intrigued by the published, the tangible. Being able to touch and feel is part of the attraction, I suppose. (needs to touch everything!) which reminds me, I should check out that guy's website... the self-published poem-novel of lucifer's journal guy...
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Re: - tyrven [31.01.04::04:29]
I'm glad you reminded me about that. I also have an appreciation for print (as you noticed, I'm sure, I share your obsession with the tactile). This rain is so wonderful, by the way.
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"tut, tut, looks like rain" - karinkarinkarin [31.01.04::04:36]
that it is.

(I'm debating taking a walk out to gasworks in the rain, at the expense of proability homework. grr.)
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Re: "tut, tut, looks like rain" - tyrven [31.01.04::04:38]
Ooooh... that sounds wonderful. I'm sure you'd know what I'd do. I'm not sure if that's the "right" thing or not, though ;-).
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Re: "tut, tut, looks like rain" - karinkarinkarin [31.01.04::04:43]
I've chosen to ignore the impulse to go to gasworks... (at least for the moment) and am going to try to work on probability. it's a matter of pride, I think. I want to have the pride of having a math major, and not give it up so easily. I'd be so disappointed in myself otherwise.