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20.01.10 Wednesday
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(Anonymous) [20.01.04::09:25]
my water broke at work at 930am we were realy short that day 4 people verses 280 patients and only one other person that was trained to do drug screens so I stayed untill 530pm went to the hospital and delivered four hours later. My nurse said you should have been here hours ago you are crazy she said your lucky you made it. I would have to say that's pretty rad
That's impressive - smogninga [21.01.04::02:36]
Wow, your like super Mom.
This is something that I will have to think about for a bit because you see, I'm so RAD, that it will be quite a quandary for me to pick just one.
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Re: That's impressive - tyrven [21.01.04::02:41]
Fortunately, I know you so you get grandfathered into the system. Nonetheless, I'd like to hear your rad story. Out of curiousity, why'd you choose to spell your name with a "g"? I think it's rad. Ninjas are super cool. I should make a user icon for you out of the photo I took tonight.
Yawn - smogninga [21.01.04::02:49]
see what I mean about me being rad. What would seem to be a misspelled word due to fatigue to the common person is actually totally rad when done by Moi.
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Re: Yawn - tyrven [21.01.04::02:57]
Smog Ninga!I made you a user icon based on that photo I took tonight. Your face was blurry due to the flash (arg) so I used the couch that you were standing next to instead ;-). Of course, I see you've constructed your own user icon... impressive.
Re: Yawn - smogninga [21.01.04::09:35]
So now that I'm not so sleepy, do you think I should correct the misspelling? Thanks for the rad icon. You're so rad. That chair was pretty freaking rad as well. All right I am retiring the word rad from my vocabulary for a bit before it stops being rad. :)
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Re: Yawn - tyrven [21.01.04::09:37]
I don't know... I think it's a good story. People will be like "what's a 'ninga'?" and you can make up something different every time. I'd say keep it. Unless it bothers you; it's easier to recreate your journal now before you've used it for anything outside of banter on my introductory post ;-).
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tyrven [21.01.04::02:39]
Wow, that is a rad story. When I worked at The Evil Empire™, I remember having two managers that worked right up until the day they had their child, leaving directly from work to the hospital. I always thought that was a bit insane, although it was inline with the energy of the company at the time.

You should create a journal (it's free) and I'll add you to my friends list so you can see my friends-only entries.
divine_ivresse [24.01.04::02:32]
ok tyrven Ive got a username but have not yet posted a journal but I will do soon maybe you will check it out sometime
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tyrven [24.01.04::03:34]
Welcome. I'll keep an eye out for entries! I've added you to my friends list.