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20.01.10 Wednesday
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{int i; i=524; i++}

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tyrven [21.01.04::02:39]
Wow, that is a rad story. When I worked at The Evil Empire™, I remember having two managers that worked right up until the day they had their child, leaving directly from work to the hospital. I always thought that was a bit insane, although it was inline with the energy of the company at the time.

You should create a journal (it's free) and I'll add you to my friends list so you can see my friends-only entries.
divine_ivresse [24.01.04::02:32]
ok tyrven Ive got a username but have not yet posted a journal but I will do soon maybe you will check it out sometime
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tyrven [24.01.04::03:34]
Welcome. I'll keep an eye out for entries! I've added you to my friends list.