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20.01.10 Wednesday
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hello - (Anonymous) [22.01.04::11:48]
I have recently been reviewing your past entries and I must say, sometimes the simplist things in life reveal the essence of why we are here. I enjoy reading your posts very much. You are helping people open their minds and recognize the little things. I believe that when we notice such little things we are doing that for a purpose. An indirect vision tot he future if you will. Whether its a big time decision coming up that day or the next, or if it just helps you with a belief youve been contemplating.. basically, the random things we recognize in everyday life are actually indirect answers to our inner thoughts.. Yet I am young I feel that the last years of my life I have slowly been recognizing this feeling and trying to understand it further. I hope one day I can conquer this feeling and master it, but for now, more thinking and watching, the simple person has many characteristics, but for those known qualities come millions of hidden thoughts and feelings that make up a second you.. an inner person that you cant feel .. that you have no idea about.. will you find him/her .. if so .. i hope you dont forget the little things that got you there.. Thanks for the space my man ..
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Re: hello - tyrven [22.01.04::02:03]
That's an interesting point. While I could only hope that my journal is actually benefitial to someone, I do agree with your point about questions and the indirect and understated source of their answers. You should create a journal (it's free) so I can add you; it seems like you would have interesting insight and your contributions would be welcome.