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20.01.10 Wednesday
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Re: lust - queenmombi [24.01.04::09:25]
the -most- beautiful??! i don't know if i could say. There are so many moments that have knocked the wind out of my little body with their intensity and beauty that i don't know if i could cover them all. Sometimes i write about them.
You will see.

As for the cake thing... i would not actually recomend your eating your brother's birthday cake [were you to have either] because i got in quite an amount of trouble for it. Given; i did eat it -before- his birthday party, thus leaving them with no cake... but there was punishment.

don't worry, either, my night seems to compete well with yours. i sat around for hours doing nothing but eating lots of vanilla dansk cookies &tubs of rocky road icecream and reading dirty books [the -really- dirty kind, not romance novels, that's the cheap stuff], and once i finished one i just picked up another. The entire time thinking "Gee, this is really hot, i have a pathetic life, i wish someone would call me"

i'm glad to have been allowed. Compassion.