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20.01.10 Wednesday
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jawllyholiday [24.01.04::11:02]
I enjoy reading the journals of people who are much more eloquent and articulate than myself. My journal is mostly filled with daily ramblings, as I find myself with little time to sit down and actually put my "deep" thoughts to paper, so to speak. But I'd love to be added to your list and continue to read your wonderful observations on life and such.

I've had quite a few rad moments in my life, enough that I probably couldn't even think of them all right now if I tried. But one that pops into my mind is the day when I walked up to Alnwick Castle in northern England and realized, this will be my home for the next four months. It was the most amazing semester of my life.

Cheers, and thanks for helping stimulate some great memories!
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tyrven [25.01.04::09:02]
Well, I don't know if I'm eloquent or articulate although I appreciate the complements. I would consider myself verbose and on occassion dramatic, for whatever those are worth ;-). I'm not familiar with Alnwick Castle by name, but the idea of living in a castle for some period does, in fact, qualify as rad. Perhaps through your journal I'll be able to answer obvious questions (where did you study? what was your major?). Be well.