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20.01.10 Wednesday
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Diction - iamahome [25.01.04::01:15]
I didn't want to hijack goldfischegirl's post so I decided to post this, the textual equivalent of grin, on your journal.

You got me thinking though, through my daze, about the raddest thing I've done. The first thing that comes to mind:
On one of those American holidays that I can never seem to keep straight (probably something involving veterans), a friend and I were stuck in traffic on our way to I-don't-know. We started to run through a list of places we'd rather be when, in unison, we exclaimed, "Vancouver!" I'd been once as a kid, he had only gotten as far north as Seattle, but immediately I turned my car around and we started driving the 200-some miles to the border. No overnight bags and no second thoughts. It was the single best trip I've been on, despite getting soaked in a torrential rainstorm and the unfortunate search for drugs at the border (of course we hadn't thought to bring our passports). Now we try to get away to Canada for every major American holiday; it's one of our favourite pastimes.

Oh and (insert grin here)...

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Re: Diction - tyrven [25.01.04::03:15]
Ah, yes, wonderful! I have had quite a few spontaneous midnight runs to Canada and thus a definite appreciate for this tradition of yours. Likewise, I can unfortunately relate to the lengthy drug searches far too well. A friend of mine told me a fantastic story about the bordercrossing which I like to relay to others, but alas it has continually escaped significance when told in writing so you don't get to hear it. If, by some strange chance, however, you see me on the street be sure to stop me and ask to hear the story because it's highly entertaining (which I'm allowed to say since I'm just relaying someone elses experiences, hah).