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20.01.10 Wednesday
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tartypants [25.01.04::08:42]
We share three enchanting obsessions: chess, pirates, and This American Life. These are all rad things, in my opinion. I found your journal on Kat's friends page and have been enjoying from afar. I don't write about much except love and tangents upon tangents, but you should add me as a friend anyway. I once ran away to New Orleans from San Francisco on 48 hours notice. Equally the raddest and stupidest thing I have ever done.
Friends? And you take lovely pictures. And lastly, a disclaimer (even though those usually come first): I am a tinge drunk, hence the disjointed incoherent roundabout way of introducing myself.
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tyrven [25.01.04::09:09]
Sadly, I haven't listened to This American Life in sometime, due to a break in my weekly routines. I feel that something is missing as a result, and need to get into the habit of streaming the webcasts down on a regular basis. It's a wonderful show. Did you listen to the one about the girl who was penpals with Noriega? Anyway, I've friended you. Welcome.