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20.01.10 Wednesday
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tyrven [27.01.04::12:38]
Thank you for the compliment and even more so for the story. I've never been to Italy but look forward to one day visiting. That sounds like an excellent time and reminds me of the fact that some of my life's most cherished adventures were in response to being lost (literally or conceptually). I actually had a very similar experience in NYC during which I happened across the Puerto Rican day parade; while it ended up to be a very eventful and interesting experience, though, I could never actually live in New York City. I think it's interesting, though, how culture is almost invisible to the searching eye; in some ways it is something we have to be part of instead of simply observing in order to really understand it. To do that we must step aside from our comfortable detachment and truly allow ourselves to be embraced in the moment. Being lost seems to polarize that perspective to either extreme, depending on how you respond to it (probably related to our fight or flight instinct). Anyway, I’ve added you to my journal so you may now see my friends only entries; welcome! And I look forward to learning more about you from your journal.