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20.01.10 Wednesday
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ex_blackswan308 [27.01.04::03:25]

hey there. i hope you don't mind that i've added you. i found you through a mutual friends' list and you seemed interesting, liked what photos of yours i saw, so i thought i would add you on the chance that you would add me back as well.

the 'raddest' thing i've ever done: hmm.
probably somehow get nominated for the 2003 pushcart prize in poetry. i suppose. though that was out of my hands, really. the judging that is! i did write the poems i swear!

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tyrven [27.01.04::03:28]
Gladly and welcome. Perhaps you'll share this poem?
ex_blackswan308 [27.01.04::03:32]
my writing has changed a lot in the last year since my book was published. but it's in my book, which you can find a link to on amazon on my userinfo page.

if you go to my webpage (also on the userinfo page) you will see a menu bar, select 'writing' and one of the pieces has pushcart nominee beside it -- you can read it on the original publisher's online site.